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“You can’t buy Love, but you can Rescue it!”

Each year 10-15 million pets are abandoned in the U.S. Of those, 6-8 million enter shelters, and an estimated 3-4 million are euthanized – simply because local people with loving homes are unaware of the need and availability of these pets. Data from shelters participating in the survey done by the NCPPSP over the last four years, show that 24.9% of the dogs and 23.4% of the cats were adopted into new homes. The percentage of dogs euthanized averaged 56.5%. The cats did not fair so well as an average of 71.1% were put down.

There is a place in every community nationwide where the hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered, and the abandoned are comforted. It is the local animal shelter, where care is provided for area homeless animals. These shelters offer many services for pets and their owners and even for people without pets. To do all this, they rely on donations. Wood Chip, LLC believes in giving back, and will donate a percentage of net profits from sales. Wood Chip, LLC will contribute funds that will help with the day to day operation costs of the shelters and also help bring awareness to our customers and their local no-kill animal shelters by posting information located below on this page.

We encourage and promote spay & neuter programs, please find more information and resources on my No Kill Animal Shelter Links Page.

* We use the word "stop(s)" to describe the difference (before to after) that the Out of Sight Litter Box will have on your litter tracking issues.
A legal definition might better be "will substantially reduce litter tracking by 98%". You may find a few pieces of rogue litter here or there, but you will notice such a substantial difference
that you too might use the word "Stopped" while telling your friends how the Out of Sight Litter Box changed your litter tracking issues.

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