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Jackie M.
Coatesville, PA

I just wanted to let you know that l have acquired a used out of sight litter box through Facebook Marketplace. I can tell you that l have had all kinds of litter boxes in the past (litter pans, hooded litter pans, mechanical self-cleaning litter pans-which l spent more time cleaning because it jammed so much, and decorative fake plant litter boxes) and I must say that your product is by far the best ever as far as litter trapping!! I would rather scoop out the litter box every day without having to bend down and have no litter everywhere in the house than have any other product out there-yes, this is THAT good!! It is sturdy, well made and fits in my house perfectly! I must say that there is something to be said about your product-first of all, l have been waiting to order your product and l will tell you, l have been on eBay, Craigslist and FB marketplace for the past year and l see many other litter boxes online for resale like the self-cleaning ones, fake plant decorative hidden ones, hooded ones and top entry ones but l have only seen your product twice for sale used-that says something to me! People who buy your product don't easily part with it and other ones are for sale because they aren't as good!! l even drove 3 hours to pick this thing up! I sure did!! It didn't come with the scooper or the wax lined litter trays but it is in excellent condition and was worth the drive!! My cats used it without any problem as soon as I brought it home and wiped it down. Do you still sell the wax lined litter trays? Please let me know at your earliest convenience and thanks in advance!! If l need a second out of sight litter box l will order it from you for sure!! I hope you are able to sell your product soon and that your company comes out of the waitlist. I just really wish I had your product years ago-it is truly that great! Please keep making this product-it is worth every penny!!

Thanks so much for a fantastic litter box!!
Jackie M

P.S. I have attached pics of my cats and the out of sight litter box-they love it!!

Rapunzel & Belle

Amy Chevalier H.
Webster, TX

We absolutely love our Out of Sight Litter box! It's a wonderful way to all your litter supplies together, but tucked away. The cats have privacy and we don't have to worry about the smell. Yay! I really, really like the wax coated box. It's very long lasting and trust me my cats are not the tidiest of kitties. Try it out for yourself & your finicky felines, you won't be sorry.

Tess R.
Menlo Park, CA

Ordered the Out Of Sight Litter Box for our cat Daisy when we relocated back to the Bay Area. I can’t say enough good things about it! In the past, our biggest issue was cat litter on the floor. The turf pad and high sider system has eliminated the need to constantly sweep and vacuum around the box daily! The quality and style are unparalleled! Thank you for creating this truly exceptional system.

Marilyn M.
St. Charles, MO

I got this litter box from you several months ago and like I’ve read what other people had to say it is a lot of money but I’ve never been more pleased with a purchase than I’ve been with this litter box.

My cats took to it immediately and my dog can no longer get to the litter finally. My dog was a magician in getting to my previous covered litter boxes but he can’t get there with this one. I also love the fact that I don’t have to bend over anymore. So if you can take this review and put it out where it counts I would appreciate it. I wanted to let you know how awesome this thing is and how I’m glad I spent the money. Thank you!

Brendan C.
Seattle, WA

Tony is our cat! We did a lot of research to find good litter box furniture and yours seemed to be the best. After almost a year of use we can honestly say… YOU ARE A GENIUS. You have made our lives significantly better (and less gross). Thank you for everything. Seriously. (Reorder for Wax Saturated High-Sided Litter Boxes)

Christina O
Harker Heights, TX

I just had my sister come visit for a few days. After showing her the house - she finally asked where we put the cat boxes. She was very surprised when I told her she had walked right past it in the entryway.
Long story short - she’s planning on ordering one for her and her mom!

Veronica Z
Tulsa, OK

Hi There …
I recently went to visit my sister in Texas (she’s left a review under Christina) and was totally gobsmacked that the ‘piece of furniture’ I placed my purse on was a litter box!! Gobsmacked!!!
The floor her litter box sits on is like marble and never once did I walk on any litter.
Your design is amazing and Nicodemus, Mookie and Rhe-Rhe look forward to trying it out. (Just ordered a Black.) Sushi, our little blind feline-girl we brought back from Japan, wears a diaper but she wants you to know that if she didn’t she’d be super stoked about trying it out, too!!

Laura S.
Rocky River, OH

I bought my Out of Sight litter box in 2009 – have replaced Traxturf once, and the litter pan once. 13 years of daily use, and it literally looks brand new. Best investment we ever made – no litter anywhere. Cats have never complained – and it’s saved our backs! Thank you, thank you. Simply a high quality product; WELL worth the money. You have a fan for life!

Started out with Sid, who died in 2011. Just had to put down our 19 yr old Ollie 2 weeks ago, and got a new kitty named Carl! Figured he deserves a fresh start :) (Order for new Litter Pan and Traxturf) THANK YOU AGAIN! All our best from Cleveland.

Jackie M.
Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for this quality piece of furniture. Koko enjoys the privacy of its design and the ease which she hopes up and down out of the cabinet and litter box. I am most appreciative of the no more back breaking chore of scooping. At 77 years young, to stand upright while scooping is a delightful feature for me. The simple design lines of your cabinet are elegant to behold. It is an architectural delight to my eyes. The color options are rich with character in presentation! I love my Mahogany. Your talent is indeed exceptional and you have blessed us all with your masterpiece. "God Bless You as you Bless us!" Lovingly, Koko and Jackie M.


Sarah H.
Seattle, WA

My friends have one of theses (Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet systems) and since then everyone we know with a cat has purchased one. A great product - love the design!

Kerry G.
Fort Mill, SC

Just happened to see my lil one sneaking a peek at me.... had my phone handy and caught this🐱
Hope all is well :) Kerry

M Elizabeth C.
La Mesa, CA

This will be my second cabinet - thanks for making such an amazing product!

Lori D.
Penn Valley, PA

I just had to write and tell you how happy I am with this product. You truly thought of everything with this design! I was able to easily follow the instructions and put it together in less than an hour (the hardest part, honestly, was putting the baking soda holder together! Those pieces were really hard to snap together). I have it set up in the corner of my bedroom with a big (fake-no watering) planter on top and it looks so nice. My cat Gus figured it out after a few days and loves it. The best part is that my dog Charlie can no longer get to the litter box! Also, it is so much easier to clean without having to bend over and there is no more trail of litter all over the floor. I don't think I have ever been happier with a product.
Thank you.

Cat Gus and Charlie

Shelly H.
Houston, TX

Bought my cabinet back in 2018 and we've never looked back! Our three cats love it and so do we!

Karyn K.
Greensboro, NC

This is our fourth cabinet! We found two strays this year and couldn't find rescue homes to take them, so that brings us up to 7 cats in the house. Whew...

Alden & Meghan K.
Seattle, WA

On the upside, our cats love the box already, even uncompleted :)

David C.
Indianola, IA

My cat's name is Thunderstorm, and we bought one (cabinet) in the past and it has been the best thing ever! We recently adopted two dogs and now want to have one of these (cabinets) on each floor so the cat can maintain her distance from the dogs when she wants to. I love this product!

Ruth R.
Severna Park, MD

I wanted to say thanks for your great product. I, like so many others, had such a hard time keeping litter in the box. I actually had my new laundry/mud room built around my Out of Sight box! Looks and works great!

Catherina B.
Boulder, CO

Third time ordering!

Lorraine S.
Issaquah, WA

I simply LOVE my new Out of Sight litter box. I’m a repeat customer and a customer for life. I purchased my first litter box in 2016. I recently remodeled my home office and ordered a white Out of Sight litter box to go with the new furniture and color scheme. It looks great! Cleo, my assembly supervisor and litter box user, is happy that she gets to continue using the best litter box on the market and I’m happy that I still don’t have to worry about kitty litter being tracked all over my house and that scooping out and changing the litter is still so convenient. A fabulous product made in America and created by one of the nicest people you’ll ever come across. That’s a win all the way around. Thank you!


Gary E.
Forest Grove, OR

We needed a cat box not requiring getting down on the floor to service. We ordered the Out of Sight Litter Box and are very happy with it. Ordering replacement high-sider litter boxes.

Beverly C.
Bossier City, LA

Just a note to let you know that I love the way my out of sight litter box looks great out in plain sight. It only took some time of putting Sookie in the box each day and closing the lid. At first she was scared and would run right out. Then after she realized it was a great place to hide and stick her paws through the vent gap. That was all it took. Now she tries to protect it from me cleaning it. The instructions were also very helpful. I did get stuck a little on the hinges, but figured it out.


Julie L.
Auburn, MI

(Reordering replacement wax saturated cardboard litter boxes.)
Cats: Shamrock, c2, Reba and Dolly.
Purchased Cabinet 4 years ago!

Christina and Nicholas P-O.
Harker Heights, TX

We just received our Out of Sight Litter Box and now the sealant (included caulking) has dried!
💜 We absolutely love it. 💜
It's very well packaged and is very good-looking once put together.
We just moved - and it became imperative to have something that made cat litter boxes compatible with humans all in a one-level home.
Here are some pics of the cats exploring their new piece of furniture! Dash (Black) - Pumpkin and Jixer (Grey). First there was one - then there was two - one attempt made by Jixer and then there were three!
— with Christina and Nicholas P-O

Dash, Pumpkin and Jixer

Jeffrey B.
West Hill, CA

This is our second one to be placed on the second level of our house. This product is 100% awesome.

Khindra C.
Oscoda, MI

Hello! My name is Khindra C. and I ordered an out of sight litter box from you about 2 weeks ago. Here is my testimonial!
I have been using the out of sight litter box for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it!!! I am honestly so happy that I ordered this. I do think the price is high and my friends and family have given me grief over it, but it was definitely worth it! And if I had more than one cat I would buy more. My favorite thing about this litter box is that I can stand up when cleaning it. My back used to hurt so bad when doing my cat’s litter before because it was on the ground- which is why I was searching for a new one. It is also super cool that it is a hidden litter box. Those are probably my 2 favorite things about it. Another great thing is that since my cat started using this, she does not track cat litter all over the house. There isn’t even any right outside her litter box, like there have been with other litter boxes. And it doesn’t smell either because of the baking soda (great idea!).
It took me about 2 hours to put it together all by myself, but the instructions were easy to follow! My cat is very curious so she was in it before I even put all the stuff in! I think she thought it was a toy because she was playing with me sticking her little paws through the cracks. Once I put in the TraxTurf she was a little weirded out because I’ve never used that before, so it took her a little bit to get used to it. But now she uses it just fine and we haven’t had any problems at all. I also really like the storage area and it’s the perfect size to put her extra litter in.
This is seriously a wonderful litter box and I’m grateful to have stumbled upon it in my search for a new one. It is obvious the material is well made and sturdy. I know the price is high, but it is one of the best things I have ever bought for my cat and I highly recommend it to all my friends who have cats! So it is definitely worth it - for your cat and for yourself!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for this awesome litter box and for thinking to create this!! I am very thankful to you!!


Natalie S.
Fishers, IN

This is my second litter box I’m ordering form you guys because I love the first one I received! You truly made an amazing product and my four cats (added one since last time) Jasmine, Buttercup, Goldie, and Mia love it over the traditional litter pan!

Jeanne B.
Lake In The Hills, IL

Wanted to give you an update of where we are at with our first box. The product was easy for my husband to set up and it is very beautiful. The lady who comes daily to walk our dogs and clean the litter boxes was amazed at how beautiful this piece of furniture is -- because that's really what it is. Furniture with a couple extra hidden features :) We put all of our canned cat food and other miscellaneous cat items in the cupboard at the bottom! She may be saving up for one as well!! We placed it where one of our old litter pans were. I took each kitty when they were around and gently, reassuringly spoke to them and set them in the litter box and closed the lid. I then called their name and gave them a treat when they came out. We have 4 cats - it is hard to determine which cat is using it but it is being used. We have another litter box in the laundry room about 20 feet from the new box, and will be replacing it with a second Out of Sight Litter Box. I LOVE THAT THERE IS NO LITTER ON THE FLOOR!! woo hoo!! :) Just had to add that in there as well.

Ruth R.
Severma Park, MD

This is a great product!

Clair N.
Euclid, OH

It's been about a week since I set up the new litter box. My cats, Baxter and Buddy, have adjusted quickly. I live in a condo with limited options, so I placed the cabinet in my bedroom. It's absolutely fine there-- no smell and no mess.
I used to have litter all over the wooden floors of my home. Using the Out of Sight Litter Box has dramatically improved the situation. So far, only a few specks of litter show up each day. Your advice about putting in three inches of litter has also made it easier to clean the box each day. Of course, it's also easier to clean the litter box from a standing position. What a great design!
I thought I might want to buy a second box. However, I'm finding that this one, larger box seems to be more than big enough for the cats to share.
All in all, I'm thrilled with my decision to try your product, and my cats are happy, too!
Thanks again, Claire N

Baxter and Buddy

Katelin M.
Newburgh, NY

We were gifted a ooslb (Out of Sight Litter Box) last year and we love it! Finally ready for the high-sided litter box refills.

Marsha K.
Indiantown, FL

I've been using one of your boxes for about a year. I'm back today to place my first reorder of the waxed cardboard inserts. I was a little skeptical that they would last as long as you said ... but they did!! I (and my cats) couldn't be happier with this box!! Best selling points for me: not having to bend down to scoop it out, I use less litter, and the cats don't track the litter outside of the box. We have ours located in the utility room (although the cabinet is beautiful enough for any room).  The cats love to lay on the top and look out the window. I am truly a fan, and tell everybody I can about them.  Well worth every penny!! My visitors have commented that they didn't even know I have cats (because they don't smell the box). I could go on and on .... but, just really wanted to say, Thank You!

Annabelle (top photo) and Squeaker

Sylvia C.
Allendale, NJ

I was wondering when she would start doing this and —
She (and we) are loving our Out of Sight Litter Box.
Heard about you through Google, after much research I decided this was the only option for our Pickle.
Love supporting a product that is made in the USA.

Thank you!


Kerry L.
Charlotte, NC

First let me say how much we (collectively) are enjoying the Out of Sight Litter Box!  It only took Tigger a couple of days with his previous litter box
 placed near the new one to make the transition.  My husband is delighted that
 we/he does not have to vacuum kitty litter every day.  I show it to all of our
 friends that come by so hopefully we will have some future customers for you!

 We are delighted with the Out of Sight Litter Box... it is such a great design :) Thank you again ... we 
are very happy with our Out of Sight Litter box!!

 Kerry L. 
a.k.a. Tigger's mom

Tigger (he has no tail!)

Gaylain F.
Ellijay, GA

Bought one cabinet before and we love it. Buying another for our mountain cabin so we can take the cat up with us and he has a place to go without the dog getting into his litter. He is also a very messy cat and used to flick litter all over the place with regular litter boxes. This box contains his mess.

Jamie B.
Rock Hill, SC

We have had litter boxes in the past and this one is by far the BEST we have used. We just got two new kittens and they started using it right away. The fact that you can stand up and clean it as well, makes a big difference. I love how it looks compared to regular litter boxes as well. Biggest thing though is no litter on the floor. Well worth the money. It looked overwhelming to construct it, but if you take it one piece at a time, it is not that bad to put together. Both me and my wife love it.

Midnight and Shadow

Kiki W.
Seattle, WA

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your litter box! It is the most expensive litter box I’ve ever purchased, but it is worth every penny!
Thank you for creating such an amazing product. I could see all the details that you’ve worked hard to create it.

Alli A.
Ottsville, PA

Absolutely stellar product. The instructions were clear (and witty!) and the cabinet was very well constructed. Jack took to it immediately and (save for the first few attempts trying to rocket out of the unit) there really is no significant tracking of litter. Very impressed with the product and the service.

Thank you for creating this lifesaver!!!
-Alli and Jack

Sara H.
Hattiesburg, MS

Dude and Tigger have been using your Out of Sight Litter Box for 2 years! I love how much litter it keeps off the floor!

Susan H.
Lenox, MA

Going on our 3rd year... our Out of Sight Litter Box is in mudroom, high traffic area. Design truly works. Thanks again :-)

Janet G.
Hernando, FL

Redneck and Cali like their new litter box, but not as much as I do! So much easier to clean!

Kea T.
Biloxi, MS

I ordered my out of sight litter box after much searching and ordering self cleaning and other options without success. I have cerebral palsy and a bad back so cleaning Winston's (orange cat's) box was becoming such a problem that I've almost fell a few times trying to clean a traditional box. The Out of Sight Litter Box sits in the middle of my living room and no one knows what it is unless I tell them. I've had people lean on it and say "where's your fancy litter box?" I say you're leaning on it. They never smell a thing. I even got a new cat (the Grey one - Clementine) a rescue who had only used potty pads and never a litter box. In less than a day she was using it like a pro. This box has helped me care for my pets independently. It looks like a lovely piece of furniture, fits right in with my decor. There is no more vacuuming up litter mess around the box (which is also difficult for me to do).

It is a heavy package, so if you're like me you'll need help getting it inside and put together.

The owner has been very responsive to questions or suggestions. I've recommended it to so many friends. Oh thank you so much for your product.

Winston (Orange) and Clementine

Brenda B.
Simpsonville, SC (RV - Motorhome)

Love, love, love the litterbox! It fits perfectly in our motorhome. Keeps the dog out, allows extra storage for cat supplies and is so easy to scoop without bending over. The cats took to it right away.I

Chocolate Lab: Dora and Charlotte. Seamus and Charlotte.

Kristine A.
Portland, OR

Cats are Finn & Tilly. They LOVE our Out of Sight Litter Box and so do we! And these waxy litter boxes are simply the best. Your products have had such a positive impact on our household. I recommend them to everyone with kitties who is looking for a way to keep the litter situation contained. All the best!

Blaine K.
Palm City, FL

Purchased several years back primarily to keep our dog out of the litter. It's worked great!

David M.
Durham, NC

We just got our box yesterday and spent the evening putting it together. The attention to detail is so evident. I commend you on a very clear assembly guide. I've done work as a technical writer and editor, and I know what an effort it must have been to put together instructions that are clear and thoughtful and occasionally even charming.

Snoop (front) and Bubbles

Amanda T.
Scarborough, ME

Violet and Ranger have NEVER been happier!!! We LOVE our Out of Sight Litter Box - we will never go back! We recommend you to everyone we know!

Lynn M.
SHaron Springs, NY

Just ordering a new litter pan for Miss Kitty's cabinet. Thanks for making such great products.

Katherine M.
Tucson, AZ

Ordering a second, (Out of Sight Litter Box ) liked the first one. Good product.

Sujeet C.
New Albany, OH

We have two cats (Charle and Scarlett) and have one (an Out of Sight Litter Box) already, they love it and we love it! Buying a second one.

Diana I.
Chandler, AZ

I am a pet sitter in our community, and one of my clients has one of your boxes. My daughter is moving in with us from California in a month and this is a perfect solution.


Ann R.
Largo, FL

I am so happy to purchase a made in USA well designed product. I am not tool handy, yet I had the whole thing together in about an hour. Directions were excellent, including easy to follow pics. Debuted cat box next day after caulk dried. Only thing we altered was we cut a little wider opening for Geno to jump in box. Geno took to it right away. And God Bless u with with the no track mats. No litter on my floor at all. Just shake mats outside every week yeah😎. (Note from Paul: recycle litter back into the litter box.)
We put the out of sight in our kitchen (our small Florida house) I used an odor free litter I found on amazon, and really no smell! Added a cabinet above and put his little extra cat bed on top with some non skid rug pad under, and he just loves it....almost more than his cat tower. Please email me when u debut your new cat tower, I just hate his ugly carpeted thing in my bedroom. Happy new year another satisfied customer. Never in a million years would I have considered in the past putting cat box in kitchen. But really it looks nice.


Karen R.
Wells, ME

I just wanted to let you know that I received and assembled my litter box yesterday and your instructions were so easy to follow. I had it completed by myself in right at 2 hours and am very happy with how it turned out. It is a great piece of furniture, the pieces all fit together perfectly, no missing parts and best of all, it will last forever. Have to say when I received it I was a bit skeptical but I had no trouble at all. And I really enjoyed the humor sprinkled throughout the instruction pages.
Thanks for a great product and I will definitely share my opinion with people I know looking for the perfect system!

Karen R.

Douglas M.
Ocala, FL

Purchased one two weeks ago with some reservations about the price. All four cats adapted quickly. Love it!! This order is unit #2 so we now will have one upstairs and one down. Being a patent attorney, I just couldn't say no to your innovative design! Congrats on making a business out of a great idea!!!

Ralph J.
Somerville, NJ

We found out about you guys through Google, and quite frankly, yours is the BEST litter box out there.

Dee and Ira W.
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL

We love the Out of Sight Litter Box!!!
No odor and so easy to clean — Ira and I are a absolutely so happy with our choice— we did a lot of research and Paul you were so nice answering all of or questions- Thanks

Taji, and Sasha and Taji

Jana F.
Salt Lake City, UT

My kitties and my family love the cabinets. We have one on each floor of my little house. Willow and Xander love them!

Debbie S.
Florence, AL

I have been "pondering" this purchase for awhile. I hope it is good for my girls! Because you know, it IS all about them!

I finally got someone to put the cabinet together and they commented how easy it was to accomplish. I am so happy with the quality of the cabinet! The girls were cautious at first. I moved their litter box out of the room where it was located and closed the door so they could not go back in there and slowly moved the old box closer to the new cabinet location. In just three days the old litter box is gone and they are using the new one and this Momma is so happy! Thank you so much for an awesome product!

The girls waiting for new "place to go" to arrive!

William T.
Sammamish, WA

My niece saw the one I have at my house. She loves it. I am getting one for her cat!

Cynithia L.
Autaugaville, AL

I ordered your litter box several years ago after finding you on the internet and could not be happier with the purchase. I am ordering another set of High-Sider Litter Boxes so I will have a fresh one ready to go when I change the litter. Perfect solution!

Robin S.
Chicago, IL

OBE and Phineas, 2 male Ragdolls. Age 10 years and 14 weeks. Hope the little guy will be able to manage this! I don’t want to count the number of litter boxes I’ve had over the years. None of them very good. Have high hopes for this one!

Decided to try and put this together tonight. As you can see, I have 2 helpers!

You packaging is probably the best I've ever seen. No damage to this baby!

Took me a few hours to get it all together but I've never seen packaging, instructions, and added accessories like this before. Not a screw missing, everything fit together perfectly with all holes lining up properly. Extremely impressive. I'm not a particularly handy women but if you pay close attention to the directions, anyone can do it. I didn't have one misstep. But then again I took my time and read over everything until I was sure I had it down right before putting anything together. Haven't put the litter in yet as I wanted the kitties to play around in it first. The little guy has no trouble getting in or out and I found him sleeping in it this morning!
Great product. Do not change anything! It's so obvious how much time and effort you put into this.

I live in a 2nd floor walkup townhouse in Chicago and when your litter box arrived I had to leave it in the lobby for a few days until I could persuade my son and a friend to come over and haul it upstairs for me. He kept asking me what it was as I was putting it together. I told him it was a piece of furniture. And it was also a litter box. He couldn't believe it.

Thank you for taking so much time and effort to make a product that is so worth every penny!

Obe and Phineas helping with Assembly

Diane L.
Wakefield, MI

I was referred to your site by one of your customers about 10 years ago when my girls were kittens. Unfortunately, it was during one of the sad and frustrating "Out of Stock" chapters in your journey. So glad you have kept at it. I am very excited to finally get my unit!

Jennifer G.
Modesto, CA

I ordered one of your cabinets last year and love it!

Jim and Vicki B.
Charlotte, NC

Thank you again for going above and beyond the scope of customer service. We purchased one of your larger style litter boxes last fall and were very pleased with the improvement of the quality of materials. However, we fail to realize the huge difference in size and could not get it through the door or fit in the space of our older smaller version. We were able to find a location for the new litter box, but had not solve the issue of needing to replace our smaller litter box that we have had for 6-7 years. We thought it was worth a try to contact you in the hopes you may still have some of the older smaller litter boxes in inventory somewhere. We were happy for you that all had sold, but disappointed that we could not replace our smaller unit. Being a 6 multi cat household, we truly needed this other location. Your research to locate one that was no longer in use was a true blessing to us. However, your efforts to pick it up, sanitize it, replace worn hardware and install the new odor absorber holder was truly a testimony of your efforts to keep your customers happy. It truly looked brand new! We and our cats thank you!

Holly K.
De Moines, IA

Love theses wax-coated cardboard litter boxes. Our 3 cats have used them for years... easy to replace and assemble, they don't trap odor (like plastic does) ... what's not to love? Thanks for providing such a terrific product!

Thanks for providing such a terrific product! Have been using theses for years and could not be happier with the quality!

Natalie B.
THe Plains, VA

I bought one of your litter cabinets a few years back. I believe it was 2015. It has worked great, and solved a major problem I had, namely it keeps my dogs from getting into the litter box for "snacks". Thanks!

Carol Y.
Fredericktown, MO

I just wanted to get back with you and let you know how much I love this cat box. All three cats took right to it. Assembly instructions were well written. I put it together all by myself while my husband was out of town. I was very impressed with the quality of construction and the thought that was put into every detail. Litter does not track out. It's easy to scoop out and I love the storage area.
Thank you!

Karen H.
Random Lake, WI

This is our second cabinet purchase. Placed the first on on the main floor and liked it so well decided to get a second one for the lower level. Cats names: Such, Bandit, Izzy and Pandora.

Tonia and Brian D.
Alexandria, VA

We have another one (Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet) and we LOVE it! Ishmael (our cat) prefers this one over our other litter pan we are replacing with this new second order, and litter never gets anywhere (from the Out of Sight Litter Box). We tell all of our friends about it too!!

Diane P.
Dansville, NY

Hi. I have spent many hours researching and trying to find a good litter box. I have tried the auto scoopers, largest enclosed and sifting boxes. I put several rugs in front of the boxes to help with litter tracking. None of these worked. I read your complete website and every review. After I first put it together I put a treat in the top and set each cat inside. They found their way out. I left it in the living room for a couple days to let them get comfortable. The box is amazing. So easy to clean you don't have to bend over or get on the floor to clean. It does keep the smell enclosed more than a regular litter box. No more litter scattered throughout the house and no trail from the litter box. Thank you for solving the litter box problem!

Oppi (in cabinet entrance), Ellie Mae, Bear

Craig J.
Raleigh, NC

This litter-box has been amazing thus far, and I see no reason why it wouldn't continue to be. Just the simple act of not having to bend all the way over is a wonder feature (I am an in-shape 32 yr old, and I know it sounds lazy--but it's the little things that count). The litter track pads, and the fact he has to jump down, have reduced the litter by almost 90% I'd say. Sure it can't reduce it all, but it has drastically reduced the amount of litter around the box.

Thank-you so much for putting the time and effort into making such a wonderful piece of furniture. I am unsure if you have an engineering/architecture degree, but it was quickly relevant that so much thought went into creating each piece, along with the instructions. I was running on 2hrs of sleep from the night before, and after work decided to put it together in order to stay awake until bedtime. Given I am an architect by training and am possibly a little more adept at seeing diagrammatic drawings, putting it together was a cinch.

It was an expensive investment, but so far I have been nothing but pleased with this American made piece of furniture.
Thanks again for your hard work!

ooslb: After a week or so, your cat's exit speed will slow down, and that 90% will increase to closer to 99%.

Heather H.
Charlottesville, VA

We love our Out of Sight Litter Box! Our cats Milo and Maggie thank you.

Kyle and Amanda L.
Lomita, CA

I’d like to tell you a story... bare with me. It’s long but it is good news.
I always had pets growing up, I liked them, but man did I hate all the dirty maintenance that came with a pet. As I went along i always figured I “liked” animals. Then I met my lovely girlfriend (and soon to be mother of my child). After we met I mentioned how I like animals but I hated pets. They ruined and destroyed stuff, they are dirty, always a hassle. Well this woman has a bleeding heart for animals and she passed it onto me, which I’m thankful for. Additionally, I (a Police Officer) was gratefully assigned the K9 position where I got my partner Ammo (cliche police dog name, I know). This would improve my bond with animals and really show me the meaning of love for an animal. Any who, I digress. My lovely girlfriend got a cat about a year into our relationship (not so crazy as we lived separately at the time). I loved the cat (Preston) and it really opened me up to cats as pets. However, I hated the litter box. This cat would absolutely cover an entire 30’x20’ living room with litter dust and clay litter. She tried every mat and flooring in existence. She tried a litter box with a lid, she tried pointing it against a wall... nothing worked. Then came rescue cat number two (Peggy). Now she had two litter boxes, one in each corner, and it got worse. Holy hell. I couldn’t stand it. I nagged and nagged every time the floor was dirty because I knew it was my future.

Fast forward a couple years and now we are moving in together. I’m thinking.... I’m taking over this litter situation and fixing it. So I put a small piece of furniture that hides a box and a giant high side litter box to go in it (all the way back away from the opening). I put a specific mat designed to catch litter (tried many) and also tried every litter too (ended up with Crystals as they vacuumed easy). I finally gave in with what it was. At least you couldn’t see the box and all I had to do was vacuum outside the opening once or twice a day.

Fast forward again and we adopt rescue cat number three (Petey). He’s young so we keep him in a large kennel with his own little box. All I’m thinking is... dear lord do I need a bigger piece of furniture and a bigger box? Well I bought a house right around the same time so I’ll figure that out later. While in escrow.... we go to CatCon (I know... but she wanted to go and I figured once wouldn’t hurt) and I see this “Litter robot”. I’m amazed (naively) and am totally sold. I say to myself, as soon as I move into the new house, I’m getting this. Now... it’s ugly, but hell we have a spare bedroom so we can just throw it in the corner of that or in the service porch laundry area (no scooping! Woohoo!).

I move in and we buy the Robot. At first... I’m pumped. It’s in the corner of the spare room with my desk and her vanity and the cats use it easy and I bought a ramp to catch the tracking. And again, no scooping! Amazing right?! Wrong. They track.... all over the spare room... so badly so that we buy a small self cleaning robot vacuum to run in that room alone just to maintain the litter. Wait.... it gets better. We switch back to clay for this machine as crystals won’t work (even though they vacuum up easier) and it’s all wood floors in the house (carpet prior). Now there is litter that gets mashed and mushed on the wood floor that the vacuum won’t clean and there is grey dust everywhere. Dammit! But wait... there’s more. Now, I used to remove the high sided box from the old piece of furniture and clean the furniture really well, wash out the box completely and put new crystals in and voila, everything fresh and clean and box still hidden. But no, this robot (no longer hidden which was a bummer, but no scooping!) was disgusting. It got so filthy and I could not detail it like I could the old setup because the globe was hard to empty, there was electronics everywhere and it came apart to 5 pieces. It got filled with dust and litter, poop smears, the works, and the tracking was still horrid! There is no answer... what do I do....

Then.... the big news.... she’s pregnant. Oh god. The spare bedroom is going away and we have to move the box. But where? I can’t put that hideous robot anywhere else! (It’s a small house in the South Bay of Southern California, I paid a ton for this tiny house!). Well over my travels the prior couple years I had looked on google, bing, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and whatever else you can download on an iPhone and found your box. I noted it as a possibility and moved on.

I’m looking back into it... and we are discussing. I suggest another hidden furniture setup (even though the wood floors will suck with tracking) but at least it will be hidden and whatever....

I pull up your box as the new furniture option and show her and I mention... look at least this has a CHANCE of stopping tracking. She says “yeah okay but let’s be honest it probably won’t with our crazy cats”. Okay but if I’m going take a chance on furniture it might as well be one that may stop tracking? Two issues, it’s somewhat large (again tiny house) and it’s expensive. I get past the price figuring another option would run a hundred to two hundred so it’s only a couple hundred more whatever. It could be great. Thankfully I find a perfect corner using the dimensions on your website. Thank goodness.

Low and behold I go to order and now there is even a grey available!!! (Matches my living room furniture already). Also, you offered and alternative to the cardboard! (Didn’t trust the cardboard with my three pee/poop factories). So I pull the trigger.

Now at this point... I have ZERO reservations about them using the box. But at some point I do Passover the guarantee that if the cats don’t use it you will accept a return. Great. Good business model but they will be fine. I put it together and set it up. I go to set Petey in it and close the top. He freaks out and fights tooth and nail not to go in. Same with Preston. Peggy however (who loves the laser pointer) traipses through it no prob. I start to panic. No. This can’t not work. It HAS to work. Well. At least he will accept a return. Maybe I should mention to him that they are hesitant. Now here is where I brag a tad. Being a K9 Handler teaches you a lot of things. One being... how to teach an animal to do something.... also something it doesn’t like (i.e. police dog overcoming slick floors). It takes practice and build up. So I leave the top open. Peggy has no problem jumping in and out but the boys are hesitant still. I use toys and laser pointers to bate them in. I’m worrying. I go to sleep each night hoping they use it with the lid open. Well... I won’t spare you anymore story... THEY USE IT!! one at a time I find each cat in the CLOSED box using the bathroom. And bonus.... IT'S NOT TRACKING. Oh my gosh. For the love of the good lord in heaven.

Long story short. Thank you. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this product. I have three cats and an AWESOME not gross barely detectable litter situation. ESPECIALLY with a baby coming the last thing I need is piss/poop cat litter everywhere! I’ve attached a picture (hopefully successfully) and would be happy to give you 5 stars anywhere you want. Thanks again. Hopefully this long email wasn’t too much trouble.

Kyle L

Petey and Preston, Peggy, Ammo

Cheri W.
Cedar Park, TX

SADIE (our cat) has LOVED her Out of Sight Litter Box for over 5 years. It’s truly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

Laura M.
Nassau, NY

A friend had one of your litter boxes. I love it! I don’t have to worry about the dogs getting into the litter. Not having to bend to clean it is a huge benefit to me, since I have spinal stenosis. I used to dread the daily cleaning because of the back pain, but now it’s a pain-free experience! Thank you!

Rhonda H
Tampa, FL

Well, we haven’t had an accident by the High Pee-er since, at your suggestion, we lowered the level of the litter in the box. So, I would say that the kitties, my husband, and I are pleased with the new High-Sided Litter Pan. It’s sturdy and easy to clean. I like the lip on the box, too, since I have to slide it out to scoop.

I don’t really have a “cabinet.” When our house was being built, we had the cabinet man leave out the bottom cabinet to the far right in our laundry room, but left the shallow drawer and top. I put an open-weave curtain on a spring rod across the opening to give the kitties some privacy. Because the opening on the litter box is on the left, I pull the curtain open on that side for easy access. Red and his sister, Maddie (picture of both attached), play and hide behind the curtain, too. Here’s a picture of Red “hiding.” They think we can’t see them, so we play along.

OOSLB: My Out of Sight Litter Boxes or Pan are wonderful options as stand alone "litter box" options.

Red and Maddie

Holly K.
Des Moines, IA

These wax coated cardboard litter boxes are THE BEST! Thanks of making a terrific product. Plus, the cardboard doesn't hold or absorb smells the way plastic does. Thumbs up all around!

Jana F.
Salt Lake City, UT

We've had our cabinets since 2015 and love them!

Linda C.
Statesville, NC

I purchased your out of sight litter box in January and love it! Just wanted to let you know the litter box is great! Buddy ( the orange guy) went right to it - had to explore right away. Tinkerbell is a little shy and it took her awhile, but she is now a pro as well. This litter box really does the trick. No more litter tracking at all. Awesome! It is so easy to clean as well. Worth every penny.

This litter box is great! I have had it several months now and I am so pleased. The tracking of litter is gone! My orange guy has very furry paws and the litter used to be everywhere - no more! Yes, may be a bit pricey for a litter box but believe me, worth every penny and more. I think it's the best bargain out there for what it saves me in work cleaning up. Plus, no more bending to scoop litter. It is extremely well made and furniture quality. Thanks for a great product, made in USA to boot. Again, thanks for such a great product!

Buddy upper photo and Tinkerbell

Brett D.
Long Island City, NY

Love your product. We live in NY City in a relatively small apartment (1,000 sq ft) - I hosted Thanksgiving for 12 people and the cabinet was literally right next to the table and nobody noticed. After the meal we told our "secret" and people could not believe it. They thought it was a stereo cabinet or something. Genius.
Thanks for your insight. and again, genius product.

The Best,
Brett - Out of Sight Litter Box enthusiast!

Jean W.
Lakewood, WA

I just wanted to update you on the Out of Sight Litterbox we purchased about a year ago. I wanted to wait a bit before giving a full review to ensure it worked for us.

First of all, Thank You! It's a great design and does what you advertise on your website.
The beagle has not been able to munch on the "kitty roca" (or tootsie rolls--take your pick of terms) thank goodness as that's a disgusting habit; I barely bend over to clean the litterbox (it helps to be a short woman though, I must admit); it hides the mess; it keeps odors to a minimum with the baking soda box insert; and there is little tracking of litter outside the box (he still manages to gets some tiny ones stuck in his toes before licking himself clean--on top of his "lounge box").

In addition, the oak color I ordered goes well with our oak floors and baseboards. Very stylish and serves as the lounge area on top. My cat likes being able to watch the birds and squirrels from the window sill and uses the top to get a better view. Sometimes, it's his warming spot with the sunlight.

So I've attached a couple of photos of him enjoying the "lounge" for you to see.
Thanks again for your ingenuity!


Cheryl S.
Hawthorne, NJ

I purchased one of your kitty litter cabinets years ago, and it is the best product I have ever owned.

Thanks again!

Karen T.
Chester, CA

Just wanted to let you know that it has been a year since I purchased my Out of Sight litter box and I did a little experiment of collecting litter to see if this box really worked. I have 3 grown cats and in one year I was not even able to collect an 1/16 of a cup of litter off my floor. That is truly amazing. Before I purchased your litter box we were stepping on litter and it was all over the house. This box has been a blessing and all three of my cats love using it. Please feel free to use my name and even my email as a testimonial. This is the first product I have bought on line that truly lived up to its advertisement. And customer service is A+ also. Thank you so much for a great product.

Leslie and Dean J.
Kernersville, NC

I hope you are doing well today. I am back, as promised, with pictures of our newly adopted kittens. We have an orange one named Aslan and black striped tabby named Willow. Willow is still a little too small for the cabinet so I have placed just the second included litter box next to the Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet until she grows a little more.

Blessings to you and thanks so much for a wonderful product!

Willow, on left and Aslan

Diane P.
Dansville, NY

Hi. I have spent many hours researching and trying to find a good litter box. I have tried the auto scoopers, largest enclosed and sifting boxes. I put several rugs in front of the boxes to help with litter tracking. None of these worked. I read your complete website and every review. After I first put the cabinet together I put each cat inside. They found their way out. The box is amazing. So easy to clean you don't have to bend over or get on the floor to clean. It does keep the smell enclosed more than a regular litter box. No more litter scattered throughout the house and no trail from the litter box. Thank you for solving the litter box problem!

Daniel B.
Bradford, VT

We have had our Out of Sight Litter Box for about a year now, and my gosh is it wonderful!

Sylvia M.
Mclean, VA

We have two Cats, Reggie and Ophelia and recently purchased an Out of Sight box in December 2017 as a Holiday gift for ourselves (and our backs!) and we all love it! It took a short while for them to get used to, but we are now purchasing a second OOSLB, we figure If they each have their own Out of Sight box then we will all be happy! This is a MUST HAVE for wall-to-wall carpeting home and will REALLY make the chore of litter cleaning way quicker and cleaner! Saves so much time every day and every week from having to vacuum litter!

Nicole O.
Oconto, WI

Our Cats names are Max & Ruby. We love the out of sight litter box/furniture. Our home is not very big and it was the perfect solution for us. The furniture gives us the option of having the box out in the open but only we know what is in there. Worth every penny, highly recommended!

Dave B.
Siasconset, MA On the Road in an RV, USA

Thought I would send you a photo of "Oliver's Condo" installed in the RV. While I liked the latch you provided, I added another one because I was pretty sure it would not stay closed on the road. The cabinet is tied through the base onto the bolts that held the sofa we removed, to keep is secure. This is a great solution for us because it takes care of the litter box and it’s issues. The storage area lets us store dog stuff and the litter pellets and pads (for the “Breeze Litter System” which fits fine as you had said it would). It is also tall enough that we can leave the cat's food on top and the dogs won't bother it.

Kevin P.
Wldon Spring, MO

After decades of trying different set-ups, this system (Out of Sight Litter Box) is by far the best. As a former zookeeper and lion/tiger trainer, I applaud the excellent design for both cats and caretakers.

Jocelyn P.
Downers Grove, IL

Our cats, Morgan, Wrigley and Comiskey love using the Out of Sight Litter Box! I love that I'm not walking on litter and don't have to bend over to clean the litter box anymore.

Tricia N.
Iron River, MI

Found out about your Out of Sight Litter Box a few years ago when I was looking for a discreet litter tracking solution - still love it!
Note: Comment on reorder-form for (wax saturated) High-Sider Litter Boxes.

Shana B.
Lisbon Falls, ME

Our cat's name is Jeune and she LOVES her Out of Sight Litter Box! We love it, too, because it blends in with our furniture so well, no one ever knows there is a litter box in there and makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. Thank you for making such a quality product!


Victoriea B.
Albuquerque, NM

I bought a walnut cabinet in 2013 and still love it!

Holly K.
Des Moines, IA

These wax saturated cardboard litter boxes are THE BEST. We have your well-constructed Out of Sight Litter Box hiding system on our main floor, but use these high-quality cardboard replacement boxes in our basement and the upstairs too. Really great products all around!

Lisa C.
Verona, NJ

I have NEVER written a product review or testimonial before, and that by itself should say a LOT that I am writing one about the Out of Sight Litter Box. It has changed my life!!! No more dreading cleaning the litter—now it’s a snap! No bending, no strain, no hassle. There is no odor, and it looks like a nice piece of furniture, so you can use it in even the smallest of spaces, including a studio apartment. I cannot recommend it enough!!!!


Judith and Scott L.
Tularosa, NM

It's been awhile since we have spoken but I wanted to tell you we LOVE the Out of Sight Litter Box and so do the cats! Both cats are using the litter box with no problems and it's litter scatter free thank goodness! Thank you so much for an amazing product, it's really to bad everyone can't have one that owns a cat but they are pricey (worth every penny as long as you have it!). We wish you the best of luck with your business and thanks again so much!

Tara G.
Ft. Leonard, MO

We absolutely love our Out of Sight Litter Box. Thank you!
Peekapoo (our dog) can't get in!

Kittie, Tabby, Honey and Peekapoo (dog)

Kellan F.
Fort Mill, SC

This is the best litter box ever made. I needed something to not only hide the kitty business, but also keep my dog away from said "kitty treats ". At the time we had one cat, but added another to our family this past December. No issues with either cat using the Out of Sight Litter Box on the first try. Recently, I told my vet about Out of Sight and she was really excited to know that this product existed.

Heather K.
Columbus, OH

Assembled, in place, and in use by the cats that same Saturday! Took both cats a while to bother to look for the way out, other than meowing helplessly, but they got it and have returned on their own since! Took us about an hour and 20 mins to put together. I think a two man job to hold some pieces in place, but really no different than any other put together furniture.I like that they can see light at the top and bottom when they go inside. Best of all - it is helping with the litter tracking!!

Mary D.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This is the best litter box invention. There isn't another out there that even comes close. It is
beautifully made and best of all it keeps my malinois/lab from reaching any 'treats' in the kitty litter which had become extremely problematic. I was hesitant over the price but it is worth every single dollar spent on it! The icing on the cake for me is how easy it is to reach and scoop the litter since I suffer from lower back pain. Thank you so much for designing and selling this stress saver. I am in your debt!

Kim N.
Las Vegas, NA

I ordered this litter box several weeks ago, after our new puppy ate kitty litter and had to be hospitalised. This new litter box has been a game changer for our family. We can relax now with out worrying if he is trying to eat more litter. The cats took to the new box in no time. We are so happy with our purchase. Thank you so much!

New Puppy: Gunner and Torrey

Katie L.
Durham, NC

I was really hesitant about spending this much money on a litter box, but my only regret is not
getting it sooner! This litter box has completely eliminated litter tracking so I'm able to put it in a
room without carpet! It's also a solid piece-- way higher quality than I was expecting! It took about
a week to transition my stubborn cat, with the second litter box next to the cabinet. But once I removed the second litter box he warmed up to it!

Kathy B.
New Orleans, LA

I recently ordered a white Out of Sight Litter Box from you. It was actually kind of fun to assemble. It's an engineering marvel. : )
I could see that almost as much thought goes into the packing as the engineering of the litter box.
It was packed very well and is definitely a heavy package, but I had no trouble assembling it by myself. Looks nice in the room, works great for me and the kitties took to it immediately.
I'm very happy with my purchase. Definitely worth the money! The high-sider litter box is great. Mikey digs to China and throws litter everywhere but he can't throw it out of this box. I was also a little concerned about whether they would accept walking over the TraxTurf tracking mats, Dugan has skin sensitivity issues, but no problem there either.
Thank you for sharing your invention - I wish I would have had it years ago.

Dugan and Mikey (foreground)

Jeannette T.
Laguna Hills, CA

I have had this litter box for quite awhile (I think almost two years now) for my 4 cats, and I love it. It's easy to clean, the cats liked it immediately. It's built solid and it looks really nice. The company owner is extremely pleasant and easy to work with. I wish I'd known about it earlier.

Tracy O.
Orlando, FL

I'll spare you the picture on Sebastian using it. He doesn't do such a great job covering up
his "business", but not for lack of trying!!! But the cabinet does a great job! LOVE IT!
Thanks again!

Sebastian (The three legged cat)

Andrea W.
Mesa, AZ

This is the best idea ever for a litter box. We (my cat and I) love it! At first I was worried my cat
wouldn't use it cause it's something new, but overnight after getting rid of the old litter box she
used it just fine. The best part is no more getting down on the floor to clean kitty deposits!! I like
the little storage cabinet area, and the included odor absorber holder (holds a box of baking soda) absorbs any orders. The directions were great and simple to follow. Thank you so much for this awesome litter box!!

Meryl S.
Coral Springs, FL

First, may I say how grateful I am that you have designed and decided to sell this ingenious litter box and beautiful piece of furniture. It didn't take my two very large cats, Floyd (22 pounds) and Marley (17 pounds), more than a few moments to explore and then comfortbly use the box. You have solved my dilemma with my big dog and her daily invasion of the old litter box and made it easy for me to scoop since I have battled lower back pain for 30 years. The cats like the new surface to rest on too. I also appreciate the time you gave me when I called you with questions prior to my order. If I was a teacher, you would receive an A+++ for your excellent product and your genuine kindness.
Thank you!

Floyd and Marley

Carlton M.
Rock Hill, SC

I've had two of these for several years now. I like them because they make cleaning the boxes
much easier by having them higher off the floor and providing convenient access from above.
The cats seem to like them too; they have used them without fail from day one. A friend of
mine who no longer had cats gave her two to her local pet adoption agency. They were
immediately snapped up by the agency director and another agency employee. I recommend
this cat furniture highly. You will not regret your purchase.

Jennifer P.
Alexandria, PA

As I live in the DC metro area, living space is very tight. I’m currently in 600 square feet and needed a litter box that was concealed. I had high expectations for the Out of Sight Litter Box and they were exceeded on many levels! The instructions are truly step-by-step. It took me a leisurely two hours. I will say that I did use the included caulk twice at the end – I really wanted to seal this box together and prevent any potential issues. The inside litter box is very large with plenty of space for cats. The hidden storage in the cabinet is very large as well and easily fits extra litter, the scooper, and the scoop bags. My 12 week old kittens took to the box quite easily. I kept picking them up and putting them in the litter box and allowed them to find their way out. The jump from the first floor to the second floor was not an issue at all – not even for the tiny kittens. I did keep a second litter pan next to the Out of Sight Litter Box as a precaution the first night, but by the next morning my kittens were choosing to go into the Out of Sight Litter Box. I was delighted! The TraxTurf is beyond awesome at capturing all the loose litter from their paws on their way out of the box. No more tracking!! Thanks for making a superb product!

Jasper, Hudson, and Tucker

Marg B.
St. Johns, Canada

This is a fantastic litter box system. It WORKS. We have hard floors and no litter bits. You can safely walk barefoot anywhere in the house. The cats have no problem using it, and it's so much easier for me to clean since I don't have to bend over. Assembly was straightforward, with excellent instructions. It was a major purchase, but it was worth every penny, and dealing with Paul was a real pleasure. My laundry room looks much nicer with the Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet instead of an old-style litterbox, and I'm truly happy that I decided to get this system.

Cindy P.
Houston, TX

We downsized from a house that had options for multiple locations to hide her letterbox. Our new townhouse didn't have any options except on the stairs but I did not want to expose it to our guests. The 'Out of Sight Litter Box' to the rescue. Chloe is very pleased with her new 'private space'. She was initially reluctant and it took a few days to get her used to going in there. Now, not only does she use it as a litter box but she also has a new favorite place to nap on top! Thank you !!


Laura H.
Lexington, KY

I've had my Out of Sight Litter Box for just over a week. I will just repeat what others have
posted here: It's worth every penny, it's the best litter box EVER. It's so well built, I suspect I'll
be leaving it to my son in my will. If you have cats, you want this litter box! I have four cats, and I spend less than 5 minutes a day cleaning the litter box, even on days when it's time to refill the litter. If you're sick of sweeping up litter, or squatting on the floor to scoop, get one of these!!

Karen T.
Chester, CA

Bought my box over 6 months ago. It is amazing. I have 3 cats, Maggie, Gracie and Bailey. In 6 months maybe I have cleaned up just a few grains of cat litter on the outside of the box. Most of that was dropped when I was cleaning the box. I would highly recommend this box without any reservation. Love it! This litter box has done everything you advertised. My cats love it and I love that I do not have any litter on my hardwood floors. Another great thing about it is that not only does it keep out the puppies, it also protects babies and toddlers from accessing the litter box.

I have always been skeptical of testimonials of products, but I can't say enough good things about this product. I am getting ready to give the one I purchased to a friend who says he "cannot afford such an expensive box" (I tried to tell him its worth every penny) and buy myself another one in the black color. I feel that every home that has a cat should have this product. Thanks again for making my cats happy and my life easier.

Maggie, Gracie and Bailey

Angela R.
Madisonville, KY

We absolutely love our Out of Sight Litter Box! We plan to purchase another one for our upstairs in
the near future.

Denise C.
Saint Johns, FL

Got our new litter box today. All put together. Quite a bit bigger than our old one circa 2006/7! Looks great though. The old one will go out on our lanai – trying to keep the dog out of both cat boxes! BTW, the instructions were great. MUCH easier than most build-it-yourself items. Thanks again! We’ve loved using the first one (2006/7) and look forward to having both.


Paula M.
Los Angeles, CA

The litter box is everything you claimed it would be!

It took a few hours to assemble. The directions were perfect and clear and covered everything. A second time would go much faster. I actually had fun putting it together, but then, I like that sort of thing!

Originally, I had two covered and one open litter box in the room. I left them all for the first day and then removed one at a time. When I first placed the cats, one at a time, in the top of the open box, they immediately popped right out and jumped down to the floor. So I left them alone and they gradually explored the new space on their own. It took four days for a complete transition.

I thought Spanky, the cat who doesn’t like the enclosed boxes, might not take to it, but he was the first to use it. I think he likes all the space and headroom.

Once I saw that everyone was using it, I removed the last box. I don’t have any photos because the cats don’t hang around the area, just in and out; I never see them coming or going.

No tracking. The little dogs can’t access it. Easy to clean without having to get down on the floor. Less dust. I don’t have to see litter pans. The cats like it. It makes my life easier. I’m very happy that I ordered it. A great design. I can tell you thought of every detail. Even the correct short-handled, square-edged scoop to work with the design of the cardboard litter box.

About half, or more, of the little white plastic cam covers, don’t snap into place. They are a loose fit to begin with and just fall out. It’s probably the least important thing, but I figured you’d want to know.

So thank you for a great product.


Colleen E.
Mequon, WI

Love, love, love our Out of Sight Litter Boxes! Yes, boxes, we have two. Mole & Kujo thank you!

Vicki Z.
Wilson, VA

What a great solution to keeping the dogs out of the litter box, minimizing mess and odor, and no longer having to get down on the floor to scoop a conventional litter box!

I only put the kitty litter into the box this morning.  Bandit immediately figured it out right away. I think that it was helpful that I played with him with some toys, both inside of the litter box, in the entrance and on the step. This way the box seemed like a fun place for him to be. We love it. Thanks!!

Bandit under the Assembly Instructions.

Donna O.
Blackwood, NJ

Let me start by saying I wavered a bit before ordering only because of the cost, I kept imagining some family member collapsing to find out what I spent on a litter box. I did it anyway and I want to state in the strongest and most positive way that the total cost of the product, plus shipping, IS WORTH EVERY penny. I am thrilled to have an organized laundry room that is clean and stylish with a place for my cat’s private business. I ordered the unit in white, it looks smart and my guests see nothing but a clean, organized laundry room on their way to my powder room… no more trying to push the litter box out of sight before company arrives!

Your suggestion of moving the old litter box to the new, designated location before actual use was spot on. It only took half a day (and a few rehearsals where I lifted the cat into the box) for my cat to use on his own. Putting it together did take about 2 hours, as you predicted. This is a quality product, seams and alignment were spot on, the box is square and level and I did it on my own.

For customer service, you are great and it is clear you take great pride in your product. Thank you for being available both times I called you. As I write this review, my cat is chasing the cursor with his paw………..”

Nancy P.
Hickory, NC

Since Maya and Luca are still tiny at 11 weeks old, I added a few extra steps with a shoe box in the back of the first level and a puzzle box in the corner of the second level. They are so funny.  Morning and evening when they hear me scooping the soiled litter, they come running up the "stairs" of their box to "help" with the process.

I love your ingenious box for numerous reasons... I don't have to stoop to scoop, it's nice to look at, the smell is contained and neutralized, and the turf eliminates tracking.

Maya and Luca

Ellen W.
Rockaway, NY

I already have one of your Out of Sight Litter Boxes and love it! But I want another one for
upstairs! IT WORKS!

Christy V.
Winston-Salem NC

No more litter under our feet!! That was our reason for trying the Out of Sight Litter Box, and it works!!

We bought one box and waited to see if Donut, age 11, would adopt it. After making sure he did, we ordered a second so we would have one for each level of the house.
We love having one downstairs because the only place for a litter box is the guest bathroom. Now our guests aren't subjected to the sight of an open box.

We added a motion-activated night light in each box so kitties wouldn't be in complete darkness at night. The lights are attached with Velcro, so I can move them out of the way when it's time to replace the box.

Our three cats use the boxes faithfully, and Donut even lounges on top of the one that is in front of a window.

Carmel, Donut and Marshmallow

Jeffery W.
Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to let you know that the Out of Sight Litter Box is a success! I must compliment you on the way this item was packed. Very precise and efficient. And the instructions were spot on. I laid everything out, made sure I had all the pieces and hardware before beginning, and followed your instructions step by step. It all came together perfectly. The high-sided litter pan fits just right and will keep my cat Tucker from “overshooting”. The best part is he took to it right away! I have it in my home office and I keep a scooper and plastic grocery bags in the little storage cabinet so daily cleanup is a snap. Tucker loves his new “executive washroom” and I thank you for a quality and well designed product.


Lorraine S.
Issaquah, WA

I recently assembled the Out of Sight Litter Box I ordered so I thought I'd follow up with some pictures and a testimonial.

I was hopeful this would work, but I am a skeptic at heart and was prepared to have a cat box that takes up a bunch of space and not perform as advertised. I am so glad my skepticism was for naught. Thank you for designing a terrific product. I am a fan and will share my experience with all my peeps on Facebook.

And, what's even better is that there is NO KITTY LITTER being tracked around the my hardwood floors.  WhooHoo!


Lori S.
Charlotte, NC

I love it!! Thanks again!!


Carolyn H.
Forest Hills, NY

I absolutely love it! I put casters on it so it can be moved from room to room, which is perfect for my city apartment. Thanks for a great product.

Terri and John H.
Spotsylvania, VA

We want to thank you for your brilliant product. You have developed a functional, attractive and well built product for those of us who have cats in our families. For years we have struggled to keep our floor(s) vacuumed and swept; it’s been a never ending battle. No matter how many times the litter box is cleaned and swept/vacuumed around, the kitties would still carry some litter through the house in their paws. NO MORE! Because, we have an OUT OF SIGHT LITTER BOX.

While researching something to replace our existing wicker cover that dressed up the litter box, we found your invention on the web. We bought a black one. It arrived quickly, in mint condition (thoughtful packaging design too), and only took about 2 hours to assemble. Your instructions were superior and all the pieces were perfect; it went together with precision. From the beginning, Pooka, our Calico Sphinx, knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Klaatu, our creme Sphinx, had two accidents before he caught on.

Our elderly aunt has her new cherry unit in her bedroom and thinks it’s a lovely piece of furniture and her “Kit Kit” needed no training. Our daughter has her new black unit next to her Sphinx’s play gym, in a kitchen bay window. Our friend’s new black unit is located in the breakfast area of their kitchen, as well.

Your product is attractive, functional, and built to last for years to come. Best of all, it does EXACTLY what you advertise; it eliminates the need to sweep and vacuum all the time. It prevents kitties who like to kick out their litter from doing that, and by the time they’ve left the box, most, if not all litter particles have been left in the unit, not on the floor.

If this thank you should end up on your web site, we want to say, “Every cat owner should be so lucky as to have an OUT OF SIGHT LITTER BOX. It works. We were so impressed with this product, we bought three more to give to friends and family as Christmas presents.” We called FRONTGATE to advise them that they should consider offering your product in next years Christmas catalog.

So, ”THANK YOU, PAUL” for making our lives less stressful and our house cleaner! We so hope your invention will find its way in mainstream America, because every household with a kitty NEEDS your litter box."
Kindest Regards, John, Terri, Pooka and Klaatu

Pooka and Klaatu

Cynthia D.
Boca Raton, FL

At first I had two concerns: 1.) Being a single, “older” lady, I wondered if I could put the cabinet together. 2.) Whether or not “my man of the house” Buster (he’s 22 pounds and very fuzzy) would be able to get in and use it. I am happy to report- both concerns were unwarranted.Your step-by-step assembly instructions were very easy to follow. As for my big guy Buster, no problem, he fits! And as for me, I don’t have to clean up all that litter anymore. Thank you!

Lynn S.
Charlotte, NC

We purchased our Out of Sight Litter Box for Tigger and Panther, ages 15 and 14 respectively. We put it together the very day it arrived and placed it in the same location that their previous litter pan had been. Well, the first night you would have thought it was a new play place, and the next morning we found that both cats took to using the cabinet right away! The great thing is that (at my age) I don’t have to bend over to clean the pan anymore. And OUR DOG (Sydney) CAN’T GET IN THE LITTER!

Thank you so much for this great invention!

Panther & Tigger

Les & Iris O.
Silver Springs, MD

3/3/16: Although this testimonial is long overdue, we continue to be very pleased with your product (purchased - June 3, 2013). 
Thank you for an outstanding product.

We have one of your older "Out of Sight Litter Box" models, with the high-sider litter pan and the TraxTurf pads. In 2013 we downsized... moved cross country from a house on a large lot in the country to a one-bedroom apartment in the city. Our kitty boys Riley (siamese mix, 13yo) and Charlie (grey tabby, 11yo) had been used to going in/outside via their cat door and romping in the yard and neighboring pastures. At that time their 2 litter boxes were located in the garage. Since the move nearly two years ago, they have acclimated well to their new life here as indoor apartment cats. 

Because space is at a premium at our apartment, we have limited places for even 1 litter box. The bathroom is too small for a litter box and we have had concerns over potentia litter smells which can permeate a small apartment. It has been important to find a litter box that could blend/hide within the room, be easy to clean on a frequent basis and could corral any litter that may travel on their paws. Thanks to your product, it meets all our needs and our kitties needs too! Our 2 kittys "downsized" from 2 to 1 litter box. With regular cleaning, the Out of Sight Litter Box works well for them. The hinged top lid panel and elevated litter box makes it much easier to clean, and the TraxTurf pads work very well at keeping the litter INSIDE the box and not migrating into the room. The TraxTurf pads are easy to clean too and our kittys don't mind walking on it. We followed your advice (FAQ: How will your cat(s) know where to find the kitty litter pan?). Over the past two years our kittys have been using it daily without any problem and we have been pleased with your Out of Sight Litter Box.

Riley and Charlie

Karl A.
Boone, NC

We have four cats, and wood floors. Need I say more? Your TraxTurf really works! The change in our house was instant. No more tracked litter! All our cats took to using the Out of Sight Litter Box right away. Before getting your cabinet, I was on my knees cleaning the litter box twice a day, then vacuuming- now I just lift the lid, scoop away, and walk away.

Sarah B.
Raleigh, NC

The Out of Sight Litter Box is a wonderful product. I really like that it does everything it claims it will do. Tracking of the litter was one thing that bothered me a lot and that problem is solved. I like very much not having to kneel on the floor to clean it. My condo is not large and so the litter box has always been in plain sight. Now it is hidden away in an attractive cabinet. I was not sure my cat Greyson was going to like it though. He complained at first, walking around it meowing, but now he has taken to it. I don’t think he liked to step on the TraxTurf. He has gotten used to it now.

Thank you for such a great product.


Mr. & Mrs. M.
Sunrise, FL

Out of Sight is right! We hated having guests visiting our home seeing that messy litter pan on the floor. Now we never have to worry if there is a new surprise left behind by our cat, Smoky. My husband has a bad back, so I had to clean the box all the time, but not anymore! He cleans in the mornings, I clean at night. As for house cleaning, that’s my job. Your TraxTurf really stops litter tracking. Our guests have asked if we still have our cat and commented that our home doesn’t smell. You guys must be cat owners!

Rachael H.
Indianapolis, IN

I could not be happier with my new litter box hider! I have a small apartment with hardwood floors and I was going crazy with the amount of litter that was getting everywhere. I was sweeping every day. I was keeping the litter box in a large Rubbermaid container with a hole in the top and it was still getting all over the place! I have to say that after I got this litter box, the amount of litter on my floors went to zero!

Thank you!


David H.
Rochester Hills, MI

I’m a gadget geek, I admit it. But I reached my limit with our last automated litter system. We’ve tried them both, the raking one, and the washing one. The raking one was fun to watch work, but would get stuck and beep until we hit the reset. As for the washing one, we just brought back to the store. The expense of the maintenance supplies just wasn’t worth it. Plus I was the only one in the family that could reprogram it. So, I researched, and ordered your cabinet. I have to laugh at your inventive easy to use design using “low tech/old school” kitty litter. But it works. Everyday!

Amanda J.
Rock Hill, SC

I just wanted to email some pics of “the girls” with the litter box. They took to it right away and as you’ll see from the pictures, Mia likes to sit on top and look outside. It is even better than I expected!

I also really appreciate you delivering it to my house (Note: local Rock Hill, S.C. delivery was available) and the high-sider litter pan fits perfectly! I also thought that the directions were terrific! I was a little intimidated when I saw those pieces, but the directions made it easy!

Thanks again!

Stella & Mia

Lori J.
Plantation, FL

I own a dog, and two cats. Before having your cabinet, I had my second bathroom set up in a way that my cats could get to a litter pan, but my dog couldn’t. Your Out of Sight Litter Box is just great! It keeps my dog out of the litter, and has given me my second bathroom back!
Thank You!

Maria P.
Temple City, CA

We have 2 out of sight litter boxes (a 2003 design and a newer one) and they have been a lifesaver!!! I used to have to constantly clean-up litter and had tried tons of other boxes… this is the ONLY litter box that truly eliminates tracking of litter, looks good & keeps odors controlled also. Very easy to train my cats also! Would recommend to anyone who has cats!!!! Absolutely love it and is a great investment in your sanity and cleanliness! We are expecting a baby and it’s great to know that we don’t have to worry about our baby getting into the litter.

Love this product- very easy to assemble also!!!

Tigger, Dobby and Simba

Craig Hugo V.M.D.
The Cat Hospital, Deerfield Beach, FL

My first concern, as it is with any covered litter box, was ventilation. Ammonia can build up within a small covered litter box, and normally I don’t recommend them for that reason. The Out of Sight Litter Box has a large entrance door and ventilation areas in the front and back panels that allows for more than sufficient fresh air flow. The TraxTurf within the cabinet effectively removes soiled litter from the cat paws, and is soft and flexible so to not injure tender foot pads. My Practice recommends the Out of Sight Litter Box, as well as proudly displays a rack of brochures on our office counter.

Susan S.
East Windsor, NJ

At first, I was a bit skeptical. It was a big investment for something that THREE CATS had to like…what good would it do if only one or two took to it?? After a little acquainting them with the new piece of furniture (Can you imagine? A littler box that can double as an end table! Haha), the two ragdolls did fine. Our Tuxedo, well, not. Immediately, I panicked and said “It has to go,” What good would it be for only two of our cats, necessitating another box for the older guy?? But, after taking out the downstairs TraxTruf mat, and with a little patience, he too got the hang of it. All the kitties are using the box, just taking a short week. It is neat, attractive, and the litter stays inside more than all over the floor! In addition, there is no odor, plenty of room for supplies to be put away out of sight!!

After all is said and done, I am no longer worried. What a great litter box. Especially- no more bending down and/or kneeling in kicked out litter.

I can now say, it was well worth the cost! It just takes a little patience and we could have done well without my panic! Thank you for a great invention.

Lulu, Max and Doozy

Carl F.
Long Beach, CA

Your Out of Sight Litter Box is built solid. It doesn’t wiggle or move. It only takes a minute in the morning and a minute at night to scoop clean, and that’s it. It saves me time. And as for the purchase price, I look at that as the last money we will have to spend, I just wish we had bought your cabinet first!

Susan S.
East Windsor, NJ

When litter box NUMBER 2 was delivered, I have to tell you that I’ve never seen my hubby so excited to get something that wasn’t electronic delivered to the house . You recall that he was a skeptic at the purchase of the first, but the kitties adapted quickly just fine, so this purchase was inevitable since he’s a believer! An expert by now, unlike the usual expletives one sometimes hears when loved ones are assembling things, all I could hear from the other room (even during the assembly the our first box) was NOT “!@#$$!!?!!”, but rather, “I still can’t believe how well made this thing is!” Kudos to you for such a great product, no skimping. Once again, three cats, TWO incredible OUT OF SIGHT LITTER BOXES, and we’re extremely happy.

Thank you from us all…
Lulu, Doozy, and Max, Susan and Jim

Doozy could not wait to use her new High-Sider litter pan!

Glencoe, IL

I love the new litter box, it solved all my problems. The dog can not get into the litter anymore. This is the greatest invention; especially for people who have both cats and dogs living in the same house. You have solved my problem and now I don’t have to worry about the dog eating out of the litter box. The dog could have gotten very ill. I can’t thank you enough for everything – and – I know Jade (my cat) can’t thank you enough either.

Anna C.
Chicago, IL

I love my cat, but I’ve always hated cleaning up his litter box area. In the past I tried litter boxes with covers, different kinds of litter-catching mats (which Hobbes would manage to jump right over on his way out of the box), and different types of litter—but nothing really seemed to help. It was an incredibly frustrating, constant struggle trying to keep the apartment clean. When I moved to a smaller studio apartment, I had a new problem: The bathroom was too small for his covered litter box, and the kitchen was the only other area with enough space. I was NOT going to deal with my kitchen smelling like a litter box, or Hobbes tracking litter close to where I prepare food. So even though it was a big purchase for me as a student on a budget, I splurged on the Out of Sight Litter Box and hoped it would solve my problems.

It did, and then some. It took a couple days for Hobbes to adjust to using it, but once he did, I haven’t seen a speck of tracked litter in my apartment. The raised shelf and flip-top lid make it really easy to clean, which I do every morning and evening. There’s no smell whatsoever. And because the cabinet itself looks like an end table or storage cupboard, most visitors have no idea Hobbes’ litter box is hidden away in the kitchen.

In addition, it was easy to assemble, and customer service was great. When a small part was accidentally left out, it was Fed-Exed to me overnight with an apology. I’ve been extremely satisfied with my purchase and have recommended it to all my friends and family members who have cats – I think the increase in my sanity level alone has been worth it!


Gloria J.
Franklin, TN

The kitties are getting more comfortable with their “out of sight” litter box and we are getting used to going barefoot again! This will be a win-win for all. Thank you for your purseverance, quality work and caring heart, it is all appreciated. The more in touch we are with animals the more insightful we become about our own humanity.

Ashley G.
Charlottesville, VA

We have a 13 pound, 12 year old maine coon whom we rescued when she was 6 weeks old. And have dealt with cat litter everywhere since getting her, subsequently we got two dogs who are cat litter scavengers, and we were going nuts. We ended up with towels on the floor, a dust buster next to the box and the box entrance facing the wall to try and keep the dogs out, but still felt like we were constantly walking in and sleeping with, litter.

Our big issue is our cat will not use the litter box unless it is located in our bedroom. If we more it… she, well, “goes” everywhere! My husband sent me a link to your site and I bought it instantly. The night is arrived he immediately started putting it together. The detailed assembly instructions really helped.

Our sweet girl unfortunately “missed” over our old pan’s edge. I remembered your special High-Sider litter pan and ordered it! I wouldn’t use anything else, our cat took to it right away, and now, no more problems. Now, we walk around barefoot asking each other “guess what, I’m NOT stepping in?” Even better, our dogs keep sniffing around the cabinet but cannot scavenge the pan! We had no idea how much our dogs were getting into the litter pan before getting the Out of Sight Litter Box. Now our dogs will stay healthy!

Your invention has literally changed our lives! I am such a happier cat owner, I used to say I would never get another cat, but now that our house is virtually litter free, maybe we will! Just wanted to say THANKS!


Jason S.
Matthews, NC

Our cat took to using the Out of Sight Litter box the first day without any issues. Unfortunately, the cat was nowhere to be seen at the time, ha! The quality of the product is fantastic, all the holes boards, etc aligned great. Instructions were well done. Anyway, thanks again — my vacuum and my back are thanking you!


Carol R.
San Dimas, CA

The Out of Sight Litter Box is the best product created!!! My Bubba a 20lb cat and Dottie a 11lb cat took to it quickly. It makes it so much easier to keep clean and to pick up their waste; my back thanks you for that. I put it by a window so not only is it used to go potty in, but it’s a great height for my babies to see out the window too. The easy to follow instructions made it so easy to assemble. Both Bubba and Dottie were my supervisors, pushing me to complete the job so they could use their new litter box furniture. They applauded my efforts as I finished quickly and proceeded to acquaint themselves with their new loo.

Bubba & Dottie

Stephanie S.
Hamilton, OH

We purchased our 2 Out of Sight Litter Boxes in preparation for a new baby. We needed a place where we can have the litter boxes without worrying about or two dogs and eventually our baby getting into them. My husband assembled them. I was amazed at how easily they went together. All three cats took to them right away. We can also feed our cats right on top of the boxes. It is so nice not having old dirty litter boxes sitting around when company coves over. It is also much easier to clean the pans when they are elevated.

They look like pieces of furniture and could easily be moved in any room of our house!

Chester Chouwder and Charlie

Elisa M.
Oak Park, IL

Our cat Isabella loves her Out of Sight Litter Box!! As you can see, we use it as a piece of furniture in our bathroom!
Thank you


Jess and Ryan G.
Bloomsburg, PA

It is amazing how much litter gets trapped in the TraxTruf mats and does not make it onto the floor. The first time we cleaned the mats – the litter just poured out back into the litter pan. We just had NO idea how much litter they caught. The design works beautifully. It did take a bit for the cats to warm up to the idea, but once they did, there was no turning back. We absolutely recommend the Out of Sight Litter Box! As a side note, it was great working with the company. Any questions we had were friendly and promptly answered.

Thing 1 on the cabinet, Thing 2 on the floor & Babygirl (Loves her treats)

Margart J.
New York City, NY

I live in a small New York City apartment and when I first got my cat, I was really having a hard time with litter being tracked on to my hardwood floors as well as the nasty smell from the litter box, despite my cleaning it twice daily. Then, I found the Out of Sight Litter Box. It is truly the most perfect litter box for an apartment. It is amazing. I am also using crystal litter. Combined with the Out of Sight Litter Box, I believe I have found the perfect solution: I have absolutely no litter tracking and no smells. It is a clean solution. I have it located in an area of my kitchen (away from food preparation). I highly recommend the Out of Sight Litter Box. There is simply no other litter box as good for curing litter tracking and eliminating litter box odor.


Azha S.
Jackson, MS

I asked for the Out of Sight Litter Box for my birthday present because I love practical gifts and my cats. I’ve always had problems with litter splash, and this product cancels it out completely! Just shake out the mats (TraxTurf) every few weeks and your floor will stay litter free. The box is well made and easy to assemble. It blends in with all of my furniture, makes daily cleaning less of a chore, the storage compartment is extra convenient, what else could possibly be better about it!?! If you have room for a nightstand or side table, you have room for the Out of Sight Litter Box. All THREE of my cats use it with no problem! It took them a little searching, but they figured it out quickly.

This is an essential for cat owners. Thanks so much!

Luna, Johnny and Fidget

Dee Dee S.
Rathdrum, ID

My company was very impressed with the Out of Sight litter box! They asked that I send them a link and will also be sharing it with friends. I think the hardest part about the whole process of assembly was just getting the gigantic staples out (note: staples no longer used) of the shipping box… very nicely packaged by the way… other than that, it was an enjoyable project. Loved the “personality” in the instructions. Squeeker and Cuddles took to it right away without hesitation! I have not noticed any litter on the floor, I thought for sure when I vacuumed in front of it I would hear at least a little bit, but none. Thank you so VERY much for recommending the high side litter pan. Feel free to edit out any parts of my email and use for your testimonial. I’m glad I did choose the walnut, it does not look like the 70’s style press-board furniture. I thank you for your blood, sweat, and I’m sure tears in getting this product out and available for us and know your efforts are greatly appreciated by all, two and four legged alike!

Squeeker & Cuddles

Sabine D.
Chicago, IL

My furry babies Bugsi and Gigi and I love the out of sight litter box cabinet. I have ZERO litter tracking now, which is amazing! The kittens took to it immediately and my girl likes to use it as a hiding place as well, lol. The instructions are very thorough and anybody can put this together with a little patience. It looks beautiful and my friends are always surprised when they find out that this beautiful piece of furniture is a litter box hider. I suggest to get the high-sider litter pan as well, it fits exactly in the cabinet and allows easy removal when changing the litter.

Best wishes, Sabine D. :)

Bugsi & Gigi

Noelene J-M
Laughlin, NV

My husband saw the “Out Of Sight” litter box in the August 2013 issue of Cat Fancy magazine (now Catster). It looked interesting so we went to the web site to get more information and see if there were any testimonials, there were and they were very helpful, the thing they all had in common is the fact that there was no longer a problem with cat litter on the floor around the box. It’s true in fact. It was so nice not to be stepping on cat letter every time we passed the box that we have ordered a second “Out of Sight” litter box for upstairs. Albert our beautiful Burmese had no trouble using the new box, Lucy his sister was just a little more reluctant but figured it out. After all these years of Albert (15 year old) and Lucy tracking cat litter all over, we no longer have that problem.
Thank you!

Albert & Lucy

Celeste V, Jeffrey R
Cayuccos, CA

We purchased our Out of Sight Litter Box in 2003, so it is one of the very early styles. And it still looks great. When it arrived, what impressed me the most… the quality and craftsmanship! After 10 years… we have had no deterioration in quality down to the hinges and screws or cabinet. What I especially like is that my 17 year old cat can easily maneuver inside. She and our 2 previous kitties never have had a mistake in the house. AND it 100% stopped our dog from… well, you know. OH! And let me tell you that these past 10 years… I’d say that less than 1 tablespoon of litter has made it past the enclosed turf. By the time Rumpleteazer exits the opening… she is litterless!!! Thank you for an amazing product that solved all of our litter box problems. I cannot tell you how grateful we are.
With sincere appreciation, Celeste V, Jeffrey R, Rumpleteazer and Dusti dog too! :)

Note: The 2003 (G1) design shown in the photo of this Testimonial, is no longer available for sale. I have found them for sale still on eBay from time to time.


Avery L.
Boca Raton, FL

I was so excited when my Out of Sight Litter Box arrived at my door step, I had to set it up right away! The only thing I thought may be a little difficult was piecing everything together, not being a super-handy person, but boy was I wrong! The step-by-step instructions made everything a breeze!

I used to step in kitty-litter in my bathroom and I can happily say those days are long gone now that Tucker has, and LOVES, his Out of Sight Litter Box! I can't thank you enough for this invention, you spoiled not only my handsome little man (tuck) but me as well, all my kitty loving friends want one!

Tucker (Mr. Handsome Pants)

Laura H.
Lexington, KY

I was surprised to see such a remarkably small, but heavy, box. The packaging was excellent; the box was very creatively designed and staple-free! The instructions were well written and fun and easy to follow.

As a veteran assembler of all things flat-pack, I was amazed at the quality. The boards are solid, and the banding is applied in such a way so there are no sharp edges or gaps. The holes are all drilled the correct sizes. (The last flat-pack I assembled, the holes for the cams were all too big, so the cams fell out when you tried to move the board. When the cams were tightened, they would loosen themselves up and fall out if you jostled the furniture… which just happened to be the litter box cabinet I bought before I bought this one!)

Assembly was a breeze. I was watching TV, and actually stopped for a snack while working on it, and it still took less than two hours, and I never had to ask for help.

Once it was in its final place, with the slightly used litter from the original box in it, it took the cats about 10 minutes to figure it out. The three of them were jostling each other for the chance to get up in the top of it first.

Today I checked litter outside the box. It’s been set up and being used exclusively for four days. I found 6… ONLY SIX!... small pieces of litter right in front of the box, and there’s a chance I shook some of them out when I was scooping the box. I have one cat with long hair, including on her feet, and I used to sweep up as much as a half a cup of litter A DAY!

I LOVE this litter box. I’ll never have another ‘regular’ litter box again. It does exactly what is claimed, and is so well built, I suspect my son will inherit this one from me when the time comes.

If you have cats you love, but you hate the litter box(es), do yourself a favor, and get one of these. You won’t regret it.

Thanks SO much for such a well thought-out, well crafted product!

* We use the word "stop(s)" to describe the difference (before to after) that the Out of Sight Litter Box will have on your litter tracking issues.
A legal definition might better be "will substantially reduce litter tracking by 98%". You may find a few pieces of rogue litter here or there, but you will notice such a substantial difference
that you too might use the word "Stopped" while telling your friends how the Out of Sight Litter Box changed your litter tracking issues.

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