Dog Proof Litter Box

How To Keep Dogs Out of the Litter Box Why talk about dogs on a cat blog? Well, because 50% of all dog owners, also have a cat. And we have all heard that dogs steal cat poop… I’ll give my opinion on the best dog proof litter box in a minute. It’s estimated that 70-80 […]


* We use the word "stop(s)" to describe the difference (before to after) that the Out of Sight Litter Box will have on your litter tracking issues.
A legal definition might better be "will substantially reduce litter tracking by 98%". You may find a few pieces of rogue litter here or there, but you will notice such a substantial difference
that you too might use the word "Stopped" while telling your friends how the Out of Sight Litter Box changed your litter tracking issues.

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