Best Cat Litter Box?

Every living thing has to, okay let’s just say it, poop or pee. But, leave it to humans to invent a better way “to go”. We all used “to go” outside. But as in all human reality… we think “there has to be a better way”. And so, the human cycle of the “better mouse trap” begins. But, (notice only one “t” ) thank goodness for all of us the mother of invention makes it easy on us humans now, with only a flush… rather than… let’s not “go” there. And now the hip new thing for us humans is the Squatty Potty, Google it. As for your cat’s business of where “to go” let me review below, in my opinion, what the best “places to go” that you have to choose from for your cat. What is the best cat litter box? I’ll keep this a short read… just in case you are “on the throne” you can finish by the time you are finished.


Cats in the wild, feral cats, have the whole world as their place “to go”. But, (notice only one “t” again) they have their location “to go”… and return to it. The great outdoors is the first option for your domesticated house cat and many humans do – let the cats out. This way the human does not have to clean up after or even be involved. This may be the easy way out, but at what true costs? Increased chances of fleas, fights with other animals, fights with cars, and mean humans. Let’s consider safer indoor options. Enough said.

Simple Litter Pan?

Litter pans come is all sizes and are mostly made with plastic. They are about four inches tall and sit on the floor. If you have a cat, you started with one of these. Commonly as the kitten grows up, they start to fling the litter out of the pan over the low edge and all over the floor. Or they sit on the edge, and “miss” onto the floor. Then walk away tracking litter across your floor and onto where ever they are now headed to sleep for the rest of the day… your bed. Enough said.

Covered Litter Pan?

Being the human that you are, once you are sick of those litter pan issues, you head to the pet store looking for a better solution. The next logical and more expensive option is the covered litter pan. And now, you have the smell… that “oh, you have a cat” odor. Since the litter pan is covered, the ammonia smell builds within the cover. And since the pan has a cover, you no longer want to have to spend the extra time it takes to unlatch the cover, remove it, scoop, replace the cover so you just do not clean the litter pan as often. You also notice that after you do clean the litter pan, and wash it… that the plastic still smells even after your have washed it. Huh? Plastic is porous and absorbs odors. Which leads to your cat, who requires a clean place “to go” begins to leave you presents in hidden areas of your home. This new unit helps with the “missing” over the edge issue, but not the litter tracking. Enough said.

Litter Trap?

To stop the litter tracking problem. You return to the pet store, or these days you order online, a fancy litter stopping mat to place in front of the entrance to the covered litter pan. Only to later watch your cat, jump over it upon exiting. “Silly human” – your cat’s thought. Enough said.

On the Rim – Human Syle?

Then you have that light bulb moment! I use the toilet “to go” – I’ll just train my cat to use it too!

Once again on the internet you find the perfect solution. After spending more money, and hours of time trying to show and explain to your cat how “to go” human style… you realize that your cat’s natural instinct of digging is what triggers the “to go” and that cats have the need, instinct to cover after they “go”. You may want to go look around where the old litter pan was, I’m guessing there will be clean up required. Enough said.

High-Tech Litter Pan?

Not wanting to claim defeat, you hear about a “smart” litter pan. One that uses a pad that absorbs and stops the odor. The cat can once again dig in it, and it has even taller sides to keep the litter pellets inside the litter pan. Great concept. Now you only have to scoop poop… and once a week replace the absorbent pad. And replace the plastic pellets, and replace the pad, and replace the plastic pellets and pull out that stinky soaked pad. Remember that plastic absorbs. Sniff, sniff, sniff… what is that smell? You just replaced that pad yesterday. Enough said.

Automatic Self Scooping?

In your searching for – there has to be a better way – the human instinct is to think technology can fix this. So you research and purchase an expensive new fangled old style litter pan that automatically scoops or rolls or shifts for you, so you the human can do more important routine human things. And the cat can return to it’s normal “to go” routine. Now you won’t have to scoop daily, the machine will do it for you. Returning home from a long day at work you open the door and hear, “beep, beep, beep” and you track it down to the automatic litter box that is stuck. The clump was too big, to heavy, too sticky for the automatic answer to the litter box issues to do it’s job. So it’s telling you it wants you to clean it out and reset it. That task done you return to your life. Three days later, you smell – that smell – and discover that the litter tray that all the clumps and poop are dumped into is filled and overflowing. So much for automatic, the human must still be routinely engaged with the machine. Plus this machine is just as ugly a sight as the first litter pan you had but with pee in every opening and litter flung and tracked everywhere. Enough said.

Litter Box Cabinet?

This has to be the answer. Hide the damn thing! Put the litter box into a box so you don’t have to look at or see it anymore. All that mess will be inside the cabinet. Great idea why didn’t you think of that!?! No more looking at that mess! These litter box cabinets must work because there are so many different styles to choose from in the market place. The cat jumps in, does it’s thing and jumps out. You can put a rug in front of it to catch the tracked litter, litter box problems all solved. Until you try to clean it. You open the front door, pull out the litter pan and all that mess inside the cabinet is now on the floor, you scoop the pan, push it back in, get the broom, clean up the litter mess all while being bent over or on your knees and you still find litter on your chair., over the counters and in your bed. But the litter cabinet does looks good! Enough said.

The Out of Sight Litter Box!

I will now explain in my unbiased opinion (even though I did invent it) how the Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet system is the best cat litter box and how it works. And, it does work. I have also tried most of the litter pan options above… and if I had not already tried them, I purchased them to see what kind of quality they were, so to be sure my product was manufactured better. I ,too, am a customer, and a demanding customer, not unlike you. How it stared was research for a solution to stop tracked litter that was ruining our new wood floor. I looked at all the offerings on the web, and as I had said I even purchased a few of them, only to be very disappointed. Then one evening I watched one of our cats jump down off the sofa across the room, and the lighting was just right, that when the cat landed, I noticed that litter was on the floor where its paws had landed. Light bulb moment! The litter box had to be raised up so the cat would have to jump down! Plus this would make cleaning easier on me, not having to bend over or go to my knees to scoop. So I started to think about how, within a cabinet such a design could be developed. After figuring that out, I also realized that the litter mat, I call mine TraxTruf , could be placed inside the cabinet, so the cat would have to walk on it… not hop over it. And if the top of the cabinet could open up, that would make cleaning easy while standing upright. It was time to make one. And, it worked. No more litter tracking, my back no longer hurt from leaning over to scoop and our wood floors were saved! Litter box problems solved, not. I had used a regular low litter pan that still had it’s inherent issues. So, I invented the High-Sider (12 inch tall then, they are now 15 inches tall) Litter Pan. Over time, my friends wanted a cabinet like mine, and I personally made a few. Then turned the idea into a business. You can read “My Story” at this link on my website for all the details. LINK: I know I said I would keep this Blog short… so I will stop here. And just add, I later learned from customers that their dogs could not get to the litter pan due to my ingenious cabinet design. Just call that serendipity. Take a look at my website, to see and learn more about my Out of Sight Litter Box and discover how it will solve all your litter box problems: hides kitty litter mess, stops cat litter tracking, keeps dogs out of the litter box and is easy to clean while standing upright. Oh, and with my included odor absorber holder, no more smell. Take a look: Nothing more for me to say, it works. Don’t take my word for it, peruse my customer’s Testimonials:

PAUL I. PETTYS “Cat-man-doo-doo”
Out of Sight Litter Box, Inc.
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* We use the word "stop(s)" to describe the difference (before to after) that the Out of Sight Litter Box will have on your litter tracking issues.
A legal definition might better be "will substantially reduce litter tracking by 98%". You may find a few pieces of rogue litter here or there, but you will notice such a substantial difference
that you too might use the word "Stopped" while telling your friends how the Out of Sight Litter Box changed your litter tracking issues.

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