(2) HIGH-SIDER™ LITTER BOXES Fits 2015-ON Cabinets



Designed to Keep A Dry And Clean Cabinet
WAX Saturated Cardboard Litter Boxes
You get Two (2) Litter Boxes with order

“Hi Paul, we just made it through another year with our high-sider cardboard litter pan. It’s amazing how long they last. It’s finally time for us to order more. Both our our Out of Sight litter boxes are holding up so well. They look like they are brand new and we’ve had them a few years now. The quality is fantastic! Don’t know what we would do without them. Thanks for creating a great litter box. Best regards as always, Ellen”
Best wishes, Ellen W – Rockaway Park, NY

“Love our Out of Sight Litter Box… the original High-Sider Litter Boxes have lasted a year and a half! ”
John B. – Philomath, OR

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… thank you all! Paul

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WAX Coated Cardboard High-Sider™ Litter Boxes

My High-Sider Litter “Box” is a BOX, yes a corrugated WAX saturated cardboard litter “box”… I can’t lie, I can’t come up with some fancy “other name” for what the litter “box” is made out of… so, it is what it is. The new custom designed litter box, (23 inches long x 13 inches wide and 15 inches tall – no more “missing” over the edge) fits in my Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet (ordered 2015 on). The wax saturated cardboard is moisture resistant, the walls (sides) and the bottom (insert) are both wax saturated, the tray is wax coated on the inside. My High-Sider™ litter box assembles easily, and the three layers overlap into a leak proof system. I like it better than any of the plastic ones I’ve ever used! The bottom is flat, and the walls 90 degrees vertical. These replacements are sold in pairs. I have 4 cats that tested one litter box, and it was in great shape after six months use, if you only have one cat… that would equate to lasting more than one year. It works! No smells. No leaks. No problems. The High-Sider™ Litter Box is great for multi-cat households. Also great to use as a stand alone litter box (with no cabinet) while traveling. Note: These litter boxes are too large and DO NOT fit in my older (smaller) cabinets ordered before 2013.

High-SiderTM Litter Boxes and Litter Pans are not returnable and so non-refundable. I think you understand why.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 7 lbs
Shipping Box 23 × 19 × 3 in