How To Stop Litter Tracking

Hate tracked litter all over your home? Me too! How to stop litter tracking… I have the answer for that! Hate litter mess? Me too! How to hide kitty litter mess…  I have the answer for that! Can’t stand litter on your bare feet? Me too! Hate it when you find tracked litter on your bed sheets? Me too! Stop litter tracking… I have the answer to that! That is why I invented the Out of Sight Litter Box®, a unique hidden litter box cabinet that looks like fine furniture. The Out of Sight Litter Box® is a hidden litter furniture cabinet system that hides litter mess. It is the best litter box to stop litter tracking, keep dogs out and make cleaning easy all while standing up.

Let me guess… you have cat litter mess all around the kitty litter pan area, tracked litter throughout your home, that odor, and you hate having to kneel or bend to the floor to clean! And if you also have a dog, you want to keep the dog out of the cat litter pan! (Read my Dog Proof Litter Box blog) If you want to forget about any or all of these cat litter box issues, then my Out of Sight Litter Box® cabinet system is what you have been looking for. It is manufactured here in the USA! It is very high quality and it works!

My light bulb moment was when I watched one of our cats jump off the arm of the sofa, and upon landing the lighting was just right that I could see litter on the floor where the cat landed and with each step walking away. I had been searching for an answer to our litter box problems since we had installed new wood floors. I had purchased a few other litter box systems and cabinets in the hopes that one of them would work. NOT! But when my cat landed on the floor the idea came to me that the litter pan had to be raised. Off the floor. And that is where it all started.

I had purchased some of those litter mats… and put them next to the litter pan, but the cats would just jump over them. Dah? We had moved onto a covered litter pan to help hide and contain the litter mess, and it did that. But, each time I had to scoop… that meant unsnapping all the lid clips, and then lift the top off… that is when the litter up on the sides would fall out onto the floor. I’m sure you own one of those mini sweep hand brushes with the mini dust pan. Or have to wheel out the vacuum daily, so you do understand.

I then moved onto the system with the absorbing pad. That was returned. The smell was really bad. And the costs of the replacement pads too expensive. Next, I went high-tech automatic. Why scoop at all. Right? Wrong. The area inside it for the cat was way too small. My cats started to use it, but one could hardly fit. Plus, when the pee was too much in one spot the rake would get struck and the machine would just sit there and beep until I cleaned it back out, and reset it. And, you still have to empty out the small drawer everyday. Sold that one to a friend with only one cat. Note: it sold for much less than I paid.

I moved on to cabinets next… I purchased two different ones. The first was just a box that the litter pan was in. The cats would jump out and litter was everywhere. So then I tried that mat again… and the cats just jumped over the mat. Been there, tried that. The second cabinet had a wall baffle in it. It was made with painted pressed cardboard. Enough said. One “miss” over the litter pan edge, and that was trashed.

So, as “they” say… buy the best first. And don’t waste your money, over and over again. So you don’t have to look back, and say… what many of my customers have in their Testimonials: “I wish I would have purchased your Out of Sight Litter Box® first!”

Now to answer your litter issues questions. And explain how my Out of Sight Litter Box® cabinet system WORKS! The litter box is raised up within the cabinet on a shelf. The cats easily enter on the ground floor, they walk under the shelf that the litter pan is on, hop up 12 inches and then enter the litter box. By the way, you get two (2) litter boxes included with the cabinet order. The litter boxes are made with wax saturated cardboard and last at least six months each… the sides are 15 inches tall… no more “misses” over the edge. And all that litter mess from your deep diggers will stay within the litter box.

When the cat exits, the cat jumps out of the litter box, onto the first piece of TraxTruf, the turf is the real deal, astro-turf and it lasts for years. A lot of litter falls out into the TraxTurf right then. Next is the jump down onto the second piece of TraxTurf followed by a few more steps and out the cat goes. No more litter tracking. Once a month you can recycle all that trapped litter from the TraxTurf back into the litter box.

One minute in the morning, one minute at night is the only time you will spend on cat litter once you own the Out of Sight Litter Box®. Yes, the cabinet is not an inexpensive purchase, but the long term value is worth the cost. You will forget about cleaning up litter, you will stop looking for the next best thing, and you will stop wasting money on what you hope to be the next best thing. You will gain back all that lost time so you can hug your kitties more, and complete that to-do list you have been putting off. Hide cat litter mess, stop litter tracking, keep the dog out of the litter box and make cleaning the litter box easy on yourself. Order your Out of Sight Litter Box® today!

PAUL I. PETTYS “Cat-man-doo-doo”
Out of Sight Litter Box, Inc.
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* We use the word "stop(s)" to describe the difference (before to after) that the Out of Sight Litter Box will have on your litter tracking issues.
A legal definition might better be "will substantially reduce litter tracking by 98%". You may find a few pieces of rogue litter here or there, but you will notice such a substantial difference
that you too might use the word "Stopped" while telling your friends how the Out of Sight Litter Box changed your litter tracking issues.

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