Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

Get Rid of Fleas are common in both cats and dogs. There are many easy things and natural home remedies you can try to help get rid of and prevent fleas on your cat(s). The most common symptoms that your cat(s) has fleas is scratching or you may also see your cat repeatedly biting, or nuzzling in different areas. You will also find little black specks around the eyes and just inside the ears (flea poop). Also take a look on the back of the neck and behind the ears, look on the belly of your cat and inside of both back legs for the fleas them selves, they are about the size of a sesame seed… and will be moving… running. Fleas repeatedly travel from the back to the front of your cat(s) in search of, moisture. Are you creeped out yet?

The best way to reduce the chances of your cat(s) from getting fleas is keeping them always indoors. Your cat(s) will be safer too, from those things called cars, and dogs, and other cats, and yes, fleas. I hear 50% of you humans yelling at me already: “No way! My cat(s) love being out doors”. I understand, but… I am heart broken each time I see a dead cat in the road… or see “Lost Cat” posters. Enough said. And yes, your cat(s) can get fleas indoors too… you can bring them indoors on your shoes and clothing. Or, if you come in contact with someone else’s pet that has fleas, they can and will jump onto you and travel with you to your home. Are you freaked out yet? Don’t be. Just become aware, and you won’t be living with someone else’s fleas.

Here are 8 easy things to help get rid of the fleas naturally:

1.) The “Pinch and Roll” method
Finger though your cats fur, looking for those pesky little fleas. Your cat will love you for the attention and will know you are trying to help while picking away. If you see one, go for it and pinch it with your forefinger and thumb. Hold it very tightly and then roll your finger and thumb together until dead. This may not seam like the most efficient way of killing fleas, but, each time you kill one, that is one less on your cat or in your home. Use a little bowl of water and dish soap to drop it (them) into… if the flea is still moving, the soap will finish it off. As time passes, you will get really good at it. And, it is a wonderful bonding time. Just do not eat the dead fleas… like you see monkeys do on those TV shows, that would be going way too far!

2.) A “Flea Collar” made with natural oils put on a bandana
All fleas will pass over the neck area of a cat daily, traveling from nose to tail. A “flea collar” is a great way get to fleas without having to reapply something topically, plus it keeps the flea control constant. Make a home-made flea collar with an olive oil or cedar oil and water mixture of 5 drops of oil and 2 tablespoons of water. Put the mixture on a small bandana (or cut cloth or your cat’s collar if the collar will absorb) and re-apply weekly.

EPA Cedarwood Oil safety information link:

3.) Help deter itching with Apple Cider Vinegar
To help your cat get temporary relief, mix apple cider vinegar and water in a proportion of 2:1. Put it in a spray bottle and mix before each use. Spray your cat’s fur with this solution and comb in gently. NOTE: Do NOT spray near eyes. Generally, this remedy works for almost 3-4 days. As mentioned before, if you see fleas… kill each one as you can, with a rolling pinch of your fore finger and thumb.

4.) White Vinegar can help remove and prevent fleas too
White vinegar is also one of the best remedies to remove fleas from cats. Add some 50/50 white vinegar to warm water and use it to bath your pet to prevent flea infestations. White vinegar is the best natural product to clean your house with too… use 50/50 with hot water on your hard surface floors and to clean your baseboards. Flees don’t like it, you will love your clean and fresh home.

5.) A Flea Comb is a great way to remove fleas
Slowly drag the comb across the hair close to the cat’s skin. Comb more in those areas where fleas are likely to hide such as around the neck, base of the tail, armpits and tummy. Once you find the flees, use step one, the Pinch method, to kill them. While you remove fleas, and kill them, drop them into a bowl of soapy water to drown them.

6.) Cedar Chips keep fleas away
Place cedar chips in bowls, around your pet’s bedding to keep fleas away. You can also place cedar chips outside around entrance areas to your home, to help keep them away.

7.) Dawn Dishwashing bath
Dawn dishwashing liquid is also effective for repelling and killing fleas. Just add a few drops of the blue-colored dawn dishwashing soap in regular bathing warm water. Bathing your cat? Yea, make sure your cats nails have been clipped before you try it… but if you can work out a deal (meaning your cat gets wetter than you do) it is a sure way to get those fleas off, or kill (drown) them, I’m talking about the fleas. If you have a double sink… fill both sides with warm water, add the Dawn to one side… then hold your cat in the soapy water, and rub the fur to get wet. If you can keep your cat in the water long enough, the fleas will all start to appear above the water level. Use the Pinching Method in option 1 to insure their death. (Note: keep your cats head out of the water.) Once you are truly loosing the battle, lift your cat out, “ring out” as much soapy water that you can and move to the rinse water side. Be very sure that you rinse your cat thoroughly. Then wrap your cat with a big towel and hold on tight to dry. Editors note: it may take your cat a few days to “love you” after this ordeal, but your cat will feel better and the fleas will be gone. Hint, use food to reestablish your relationship.

8.) Make sure to keep your floors clean to prevent the growth of fleas
It is important to maintain a clean and hygienic home environment to avoid the growth of fleas. Use vinegar or lemon solution for washing floors. Use a gallon of hot water and add four finely chopped lemons in and mix well. Use this solution to wipe the floor. Or use a 50/50 hot water and vinegar solution to clean floors. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Did I say vacuum? Vacuum daily for a week if you have carpet! By doing so, you will rid the carpet of fleas, and flea eggs. Also sprinkle salt directly on the carpet to kill (dry out) flea larvae and eggs of these nasty pests. The next day when you vacuum again, the salt will be picked up with the fleas and eggs.

After you have done all these ideas, you may change your mind about letting your cat go back outside to collect more fleas… and then have to start these processes all over again. And that brings me back to my second paragraph about not letting your cat out doors. My main point of this blog. LOL. Keep your cat safe! And flea free!

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