The right (or left) ways to hug your cat. Let me count the ways.

I always miss my cats whenever I am away from home during the day. But, for over the past two months, I’ve been away from home dealing with family health issues, moving my Mom into a skilled nursing center. Everything worked out for the best, but, I really did missed our four cats. I missed the 6 a.m. hair baths and eye licks awaking me to feed them. I missed the crying at 2 a.m. with the gift of a missing sock brought to my chest. I missed the litter box deposit that makes you hold your breath… well, maybe not. But I did miss the unconditional love, the reassuring purrs and the hugs.

1.) The Baby Hug

My favorite cat hug is the baby hug. Support your cat like a newborn baby, upside down, holding your cat’s head within your elbow and hips with a gentle hand and the body of your cat supported against your chest and forearm. This allows your second hand to give a head rub or stroke the tummy, or play with paws. What is nice about this hug is that your eyes can lock. You can each read each others emotions and give eye kisses (slow blinks) back and forth. Unless, you have the “head hold” going on… that is when you cover your cats head and eyes with your hand and gently hold on. You can rub an ear at the same time. Purring is always evoked. Most cats love to have their paws held inside your fist of fingers, using your thumb to rub their toes. The tummy can be a touchy area… either they will or they won’t like finger noodling. Start with just laying your hand flat over the belly and chest, as they both start getting warm, test your limits. Chest bone scratching is usually followed by their head slowly falling backwards until sleep happens.

2.) The Tailgating Zone

Most cats are sensitive about anyone touching their tails, which are a part their self righting rudder system. If you start early as a kitten, running the full length of the tail though your hand they won’t be so picky as an adult. The one secret spot for scratching is right on top of the backbone at the hing of the tail. Try short all finger scratches on the backbone and then just up the tail a few inches. If you get tip toes on the back paws… you have found the spot. The back pat, in the same area may also be a winner. You will find out fast it your cat likes it, or not. Hint: With any of these loving suggestions, if your cat draws (your) blood, I would recommend not pursuing any further with that technique. While you may find some longhaired cats enjoy having their plumy tails petted, most domestic shorthairs won’t, so interpret your cat’s signals, so play and pull with caution.

3.) The Back Stroke

While we are discussing “that end” of the cat, stroking your finger along your cat’s backbone may bring satisfying attention as it arches in pleasure. To enhance more of that good loving feeling between you both, work your hand(s) back and forth along the full length of your cat’s back, this works while it is standing or lying down. An allover relaxation will occur… just like a back rub does for us humans.

4.) The Chin Rub

No matter how big; lions, tigers, jaguars, or small: the teeniest of newborn kittens, teenage kitties to aged house cats, all cats love having a chin rub. Just watch their eyes close in bliss and hear that purr start up. Start with the easy one handed multi finger chin rub. Then go for both cheeks with both your hands and all your fingers. Watch the nose scrunch closed. Then bring your one thumb forward, and rub the round of the chin. For added bonding, use your fore fingers and rub your cats lips. Never thought of doing that have you, give it a try.

5.) The Tummy Rub

Some cats love having their tummy’s rubbed when they are lying on their backs, paws up. You know you have their trust, when your cat exposes their most vulnerable area. Start with some light finger presses… if all four paws grab hold of your hand and biting starts… you will have to determine if that is play, or stay away. Press your hand lightly down over the tummy area, and with your other hand start a head rub, to relax your cat into enjoying your tummy exploration. Your cat will tell you when it has had enough, so beware of a sudden changes in catatude, or when purring begins, continue.

6.) The Lap Cradle

Lay your cat long wise between your legs, with it’s head by your knees. You can raise and lower each opposing leg to gently rock your kitty. In this position, paws up, both your hands are free for ear rubbing, forehead scratching, paw holding and tummy rubs. Your cat will be so relaxed, that a full body massage will be possible.

7.) The Sleeping Dreamer

Cats in deep sleep with their running paws and flicking whiskers are fun to watch. We as humans imagine them running though wide open fields, chasing that elusive mouse or nipping at ribbons blowing in the breeze when truly they are just showing their frustrations of not having thumbs to get that can of food open. If you decide to wake that dreaming cat, do so tenderly with a long slow back rub. Waking from subconscious sleep your cat will take a few moments to return to this World, the deep purr will let you know you have connected.

8.) The Over The Shoulder

This is the hug of all cat hugs. Satisfying for both you and your cat, easy on both and a wonderful way to exchange purrfect love. Holding your cat chest to chest with your cat looking over your shoulder. You will know when your cat is “in the zone” when it straightens one of it’s front legs so it sticks straight out, paw limp, and you stop in place from walking from point A to point B, and forget where point B was. That, is true love.

Point B

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PAUL I. PETTYS “Cat-man-doo-doo”
Out of Sight Litter Box, Inc.
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